Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fighting like cats and dogs...

Another update for the Wood Elf project - Animal handlers (always thought Beastmasters sounded like a kid's TV show!

 I'm obviously a dog person - raised by labradors and have one snoring at my feet as I type - as I found painting the hounds and their handler a breeze. Simple wolf hound style drybrushing and echoing their colours with a little green in the elf's attire.

The wildcats gave me some grief as cats are wont to do - I had the daft idea of painting them up as scottish wildcats to fit in with the celtic feel and found the markings quite tricky -

Not quite over the moon with the finished results but it'll do for now!

I also have the bear and his handler in the painting queue so watch this space...


  1. I am loving the animal keepers really nice paint job.silly question but when they were originaly released did they come with the keeper and three hounds I was just wondering as I have the hounds but not the keeper and wanted to keep the nubers as close to the release ones as possible thanks for any help you can give .kat

    1. Thanks very much! They certainly did - here's the original advert courtesy of Orlygg's Realm of Chaos 80's -