Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mayhem - the story so far and deployment

So on to deployment and a bit of background.

The first reports through from the Northern frontier with Ostland had been sketchy at first. Horrific stories of monstrous invaders and terrible massacres. Then a name began to filter through the tall tales and stories of woe borne back by the few refugees to survive - Shreevan Zeegal. A name not heard in these parts for many a year. A name not to be spoken lightly. Or even out loud...

As the  evil army advanced further into the more civilised areas of Hochland, it became apparent exactly what its inhabitants faced. Zeegal had formed an unholy alliance of chaotics and undead. His ranks were swelled by those who had fallen to him in battle and those creatures who flocked to his banner and the promise of slaughter. Foremost among them, Dulf Lundgrin, Half Orc chieftain with his warriors and trolls. 

Their incursion was not to go unpunished however. Marching with all haste to meet the threat was Count Johan Von Damne at the head of his hastily mobilised army. Along with the column of state troopers, sweating under the load of their halberds and arquebus, came allies in the form of a proud company of Elf spearmen and the more barbarous fellowship of Dwarf troll slayers, roused from their mountain fastnesses, eager to find a heroic death. The unmistakable whiff of black powder signalled the presence of Dwarf thunderers also come down from the mountains to contain the threat before it grew too large. 

As Bluch Norress and his famed lancers scouted ahead of the main column, Arkneld Beulenegger soared above them on his magnificent Griffin mount, spying out the approach of the enemy. With the intelligence provided by him, Von Damne had formulated a plan. Zeegal's army had to cross the river Lachtbeek at a large ford not far from the town f Eichewuldchen. If the Count could reach the crossing first and prepare his defences they had a chance of forcing the chaotic horde into a bottle neck and destroying them in detail. If they got there first...

 As the two opposing generals both have D8 leadership I rolled to see who chose to set up first. Von Damne won the roll and elected to deploy and move first.

On the right the various units of black powder missile troops formed up, looking to advance forwards and defend the ford. Behind them, Beulenegger prepares his monstrous mount to fly ahead the main army  to disrupt the enemy advance.

The Halberdiers and Elf spearmen form up in column on the road - they can all be moved en masse at the cost of 1 command point, although at the potentially slower rate of their default movement rate of 3" rather than a danger roll of a D6, along with the possibility of rolling a higher movement rate.

The Trollslayers and Lancers form up on the left flank.

Along with their general, Count Johann Von Damne

Meanwhile, Zeegal's horde drew up their lines in readiness.

On the right were the skeleton horsemen and packs of chaos hounds, ready to sweep forward and outflank the ford's defenders.

Zeegal surveyed the main part of his army from his position in the centre. Skeleton archers to the right of him and the Half Orc column on his left both prepared to march on the ford itself.

On the left, howling with anticipation were the evil General's shock troops in the form of the Trolls and Giant.

Turn 1

Desperate to get to the ford first and establish a line of defence, Count Von Damne elected to go first. First job - roll up command points. This is based on how many heroes, elites and standards your force contains. Von Damne manages 19 CP's - not a bad score! All actions taken by units cost a certain number of CP's - multiple actions cost double. The turn ends once all CP's are spent.

The Halberdiers and Elves move en masse up the road, digging deep they go into overdrive to push for the ford ahead of the enemy. Similarly the Trollslayers run forward as fast as their little legs can carry them to keep pace.

Bluch Norress and his lancers spur  their mounts on to advance ahead of the main column and fall on the enemy's flanks.

The Dwarf Thunderers advance, while the Handgunners gain the vantage point of the hill to dirent their fire against any foes crossing the ford.

Arkneld Beulenegger swoops down to secure the approach to the ford as the slavering Trolls draw near...

Zeegal's command structure isn't quite up to the heights of Hochland's finest. With a combination of two standards and the Half Orc hero Dulf Lundgren, Zeegal can call upon 3 D8's and rolls up 17 CP's. 

The Trolls, as previously seen, race towards the ford using  overdrive to take two danger rolls with their movement rate of D6 inches.

Having rolled two 6's, they find themselves in a very advanced position, closely followed by the Giant.

Behind them march the massed ranks of Half Orcs and Undead.

Turn 2 should bring first blood...


  1. Gripping stuff, I am enthused to dig out my warmaster armies. I like the Uffington White Horse on the riders banner... I always suspect Tolkien had that in mind.

  2. Well spotted!

    I think the Copplestone and Warmaster stuff mix quite well - I hope to do some LOTR gaming in 10mm at some point - once I've furnished myself with some more of the lovely Copplestone 10mm fantast range...

  3. Springinsfeld- one of the nice things about MAYHEM, as you can see, is that you won't need to rebase your warmaster armies to play.

  4. This looks awesome, your army looks great!
    I just purchased and read the Mayhem rules, and I'm pumped to give them a shot.
    Do you think it would be satisfying in 28mm scale? The rules say go for it, but it seems much more appropriate in 10-15mm. I'd rather not get into a new scale...
    Anyway, good stuff as usual!

  5. Cheers Matthew - I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

    I think 28mm should work just fine - although my game here is played in 10mm I think its pretty small scale in terms of that scale - if that makes sense?!

    What I mean is there's only about 8 units on each side, plus generals/monsters. If I scaled them up to 8 units of 10-20 28mm minis it would make for quite a big game (3000 points plus in WFB terms?) I think.

  6. where do you get the backdrops you use in the pictures?

    1. Hi Freshmilk - they're just pics from google images. I built a frame for them so they would stand up and used some of the editing tools in Picasa to hide the joins in the finished photos.

    2. wow, they look like painted canvas! so, are they just 8x11 inch printouts? i've been thinking about google image downloads but didnt think it would look right. your scenes look fantastic and inspiring. great work!

    3. Oops sorry - didn't spot your comment.

      Yep pretty much - I printed them out on A4 paper, stuck them on the frame ad Bob's your Uncle! Like I say, Picasa is useful to paper over the cracks where two pictures don't quite match up exactly in the final image.