Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Depraved Violence!

Am I talking about the disgusting antics regularly seen on and off the pitch in Premiership Football games? 

Nope - I'm talking Blood Bowl! 

Don't worry - I haven't forgotten about Mayhem - next few turns coming up soon once I've sorted the pics out.

In fact having moaned a bit about the lack of gaming last year, things are definitely looking up this year. Mayhem is keeping me busy at the mo (albeit solo gaming) and the Oldhammer Day at Foundry will be two days of gaming heaven. 

Added to this an old pal of mine has started a new blog, The Second Founding, and challenged me to a game of Blood Bowl at the end of March. We've enjoyed a few games of 40K (I forget which edition - 5th?) using his Dark Templars and Imperial Guard - unlucky last time mate! You've got to love the effect massed Lascannons have on a line of Space Marines forced into an advance over open ground towards a central objective!

He's posted up pics of his rather nice looking Human team, the Golden Boars, and rumour has it that Griff Oberwald and the Mighty Zug have been signed up as star players.

Anyway you may remember these chaps I painted up ages ago for the Lead Painters League - my pub team, The Slann in Spacers

Obviously short of a few team members! 

However, I thought it'd be a bit dull having Humans V. Humans - with a few friends along to help out. So I decided to take the plunge and paint up one of the other teams languishing in the paint queue. But who to choose - Dark Elves or Orcs? 

Well obviously I chose the Dark Elves, mainly because that's the team I've used the most on Blood Bowl Legendary Edition and also because I haven't really painted any Dark Elves before.

Here they are with their base coats on

and the first wave of highlights/washes

I'm hoping the armour will turn out like jade and the dark blue will probably get a bit lighter yet. I've also tried to go for a really pale and unhealthy - subterranean in fact! - skin tone. Not sure whether its gone a little too pasty and grey? 

As you can see the team is really set up for Second Edition Blood Bowl with all the Catchers, Throwers and Kicker. We will be playing the latest version of course so that means I'll have to recruit some Witch Elves and Assassins and "demote" my catchers to Linemen and promote Kickers/Throwers to Runners. 

Here's a few possibilities for the Witch Elves and Assassin (never understood why any self respecting assassin would go around in that hood and cloak that just screams out "I'm up to no good - probably a thief or assassin or some such ne'er-do-well!"), along with a Wizard for some sideline fun!

I should get this lot finished for the end of March, along with painting up the 2nd ed. Astrogranite pitch they're stod on. I'll be sure to take some pics and attempt some kind of post-match report here once we've played.


  1. The skin tone looks really nice. If you are not happy about the loss of a throwing game ask your opponent if he will let you buy throwers/catchers from the generic Elves list instead of runners. We have tried it and it didn't cause any tearful rants.

    1. Hmm, that's a good idea - might see what he says about that. Mind oyu having said that I've probably played the PC game more than the actual game so am quite used to the new Dark Elf team set up.

      I do hark after all the other second ed. stuff still - the minis, mixed teams, hundreds of star players, etc. Its just all the dice rolls needed and other clunky rules that slows the game play down that I could do without.

  2. Nice looking team, I really like the Ent I didn't realize they made those. Yet another game that I've neglected over the years. I haven't bought anymore figures other than the plastics that came with 2nd ed and Dungeon Bowl.

    1. Cheers! He's a great mini and I've seen some great conversions of him knocking around too. Iquite fancy tracking down the Dungeon Bowl game at some point I must admit.