Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Masters of Mayhem...

There ended up being a little arms race in getting these two armies ready - I had overlooked the fact that I had 3 units of Human Lancers for the Good Guys and that the second unit of Elf spearmen that I was going to paint up needed stripping. This meant that having added a unit of Troll Slayers and adding in the cost of the third unit of Lancers (which also meant I could upgrade one unit up to an elite for having three or more of one troop type in the army!) that the Bad Guys were looking a little outnumbered. 

Normally I wouldn't be too bothered but as this was a first play through and I wanted to try out as many combinations of troop types out as I could I decided to level the playing field by adding two packs of Hounds to the baddies - should be a good counter to the enemy cavalry looking at their stats and the Pack Hunter ability - more of which later.

So as promised - the Bad Guys!

Evil General
Cavalry with heavy armour, shield and lance
Leadership D8
M - D8
CQ - D8
Cost 23 crowns

2 Packs of Chaos Hounds
M - D8
CQ D12
Pack Hunters

2 units of Skeleton Horsemen
Cavalry with lance, heavy armour and shields
M - D8
CQ - D20
Cost 13 crowns each + 2 crowns for standard

2 units of Skeleton Archers
Infantry with longbows
M - D6
CQ - D20
Cost 15 crowns each

2 Units of Half Orcs
Infantry with swords and shields
M - D6
CQ - D12
Cost - 5 crowns each + 2 crowns for standard + 6 crowns for Hero

2 units of Trolls
M - D6
CQ - D12
Fear and Beat Back (Free)
Cost 10 crowns each

M D8
CQ D10
Cost 35 crowns

Total - 178 Crowns

 Next up - the table layout, deployment and the scenario...


  1. Coolio. Very interested to read the report.

  2. aaaarrrggghhhh...stop it you guys! I must not be tempted by another scale/game/army/shinny bit....must stay focused!

    ...but you guys sure make this look cool...If I get into smaller scale I'm blaming you and Gareth! bit of a playing surface do you need for warmaster or similar games?

  3. Haha - shall I go on some more about how satisfying it is to paint two entire armies in a week... ;)

    Brent reccomends that for playing Mayhem in 10mm you can make your board as small as 24 inches square and 15mm 24 - 48 square inches. The Warmaster rules recommend that you depliy your forces 20cm deep into the table and 80cm away from the enemy's deployment zone. I suppose the width of the table is down to how bg your armies are.