Sunday, 10 February 2013

Another brick in the wall...

Just a quick update to show a little progress on the shrine in case you'd thought I'd forgotten about it or realised the insanity of the whole project and washed my hands of the whole thing!

I got a few castings done last week, although painting all that 10mm goodness distracted me a little. That and I'm sure the neighbours are beginning to wonder what all the banging is... (me knocking the airbubbles out of the molds on my improvised worksurface - a piece of board resting on pieces of sponge taped to the bottom of it.)

Anyway here's the pics

The ruler is 8" long to give you an idea of size - and yes it is very heavy!

I was thinking of making the different levels interlocking to make it fit together a bit more securely as a whole. However, this will stop each floor from lying flat and securely on the table for when they are laid out side by side to allow play on simultaneous levels. Perhaps the weight of each floor will help it sit securely on the one beneath and I won't need to bother?

I've worked out that I need another 79 paving slabs to finish off the floor for this section - only another 10 castings! Then there's the walls...

And the other half of the ground floor...


Forgot to post this picture as well - just in case you were wondering what 25Kg of Crystacal R looks like!


  1. This is awesome. Like most British construction projects I see it going way over budget, causing no end of unforeseen problems for those involved and being under-appreciated by the public when finally complete. That all just adds to its awesomeness. In a few years you will have the St Paul's of terrain pieces.

  2. Cheers Paul - lets see...

    Over budget - probably already and I haven't started on the interior decor
    Unforeseen problems - already some of the walls are a little wonky and I'm getting an annoying gap on one side due to the inward slant of the walls causing the paving slabs to not quite line up
    Under-appreciated - the wife has already made her view of it all known using only her eyebrows!

    Here's hoping its done in a little less than a few years though! :)

  3. I was wondering about the same thing. In theory everything should line up if all the casts are exactly the same. Even though I carefully sanded each piece, I still had problems getting the two bridge sections to align properly. Do you use some kind of blueprint to check the overall alignment and are you planning to reinforce the plaster with anything? You don't want the lower section to collapse under its own weight.

  4. Same here DF - sanded, measured carefully and tried to make corners square. I need to get my big box of lego from my parents' loft to make a form for the walls and corners - I think the slant on the walls bulges out a bit here and there. Luckily though, the whole of the bottom floor will be encased in styrofoam cliffs to form the rocky outcrop the shrine is going to sit on (my addition!) so any wobbly bits will be covered up, apart from the interior.

    As for a blue-print - I measured and drew out the outline of the walls on the sheet of ply its based on. I think my cut went a bit wonky where the two sections that form the whole ground floor meet (you can see where the floor slabs and wall don't quite make it to the edge of the board), so that'll need jig-sawing at some point...

    The upper floors are a bit of a conundrum - I'm more worried about the large floor spaces bulging downwards under their own weight and that of any interior walls as I want to base them on something thin enough that won't have too much of a profile when the floors are stacked on top of each other. I had thought of pinning some steel rods to the walls to span each floor. I would then conceal them with a layer of textured plasticard for the ceiling of the floor beneath and some other cheap sheet material that the paving slabs of the floor above could be attached to.

    I think the walls should be tough enough to bear the weight - and that slant inwards should help...(?)