Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lady Land

The Temple of Rigg build rumbles on and the Lustrian Lady Land continues to slowly take shape...

Currently painting Amazons as I am at the moment and having finally gotten around to reading Zhu's latest delve into Amazonian Archeoideology, I thought I'd take a look at some possible alternative miniatures to expand the old Citadel range.

I have a small assortment of Tribeswomen and Koka Kalim and a fairly healthy number of suitable miniatures for the Sisterhood (more of which later once they've done their bit in the LPL), however its not a patch on Harry's fine looking warband and looking at the hordes of Norsemen, Slann and other jungle nasties arrayed against my lot, I figured I could do with bolstering the ranks a little.

As much as I like the old range there are a limited number of sculpts to play with and although they come up on ebay fairly regularly they can sometimes command somewhat of a premium. So I've cast the net a little wider to find models from other ranges that might fit the bill.

Again Zhu has hit the nail on the head with the look I'm after - to quote, practically attired, drugged up amazon punk tribeswomen and neo-primitive feminist punks

So where to start - obviously the House Escher range from Necromunda

There's some good looking models here and with a bit of decluttering of equipment belts, addition of feather fringes and replacing some of those stub and auto pistols with laspistols, the ranks of the Koka Kalim could be swelled quite nicely as well as getting some high age tech in there too.

I already have a few minis that compliment the sisterhood quite nicely. The Houri with dagger (9) makes a nice frenzied priestess in full sacrificial mode, while the Amazon with sword (7) and Amazon Priestess (8) are on the shopping list. I believe there are mounted versions of all three, although I'm not sure about the presence of horses in Lustria. I have another lady in similar attire to the Houri who is throwing her arms up in the air, with her hair and dress streaming out behind her as though blown by a great wind - I had thought she was part of this range but can't find any sign of her - pic to come...

edit - and here it is (thanks Springisfield!)

That frog might come in handy too for other purposes! 

There is of course the Talisman Amazon (top left)

Samantha Phox (17) also makes an appearance as a Priestess getting a little carried away!

As Zhu also mentions Elven Wardancers in his exploration of Dungeonpunk, I wonder if the female Wardancers here might convert into Koka Kalim with a little ear and weapon alteration?

The Space Amazon (09) also caught my eye... Would a power armoured Kalim warrioress be too much of a stretch for the imagination?!

I think that's about it for the Citadel ranges - let me know if you can think of any others.

As for other ranges - Zhu has mentioned some of the interesting stuff to come out of the world of Tekumel, but I know he's planning on a post on that subject so I'll leave them for now.

Spellcrow do some rather tasty looking Wild Elves -

Ral Partha have some Amazons in their Chaos Imperium range. Not sure about the swordswoman but the other two could be useful.

Hmm some nice Horse archers too - might have to look at alternative jungle mounts...

Hasslefree has a few possibilities - 

Valaska Syn - a bit chaosy, but definitely has that punk vibe

and Boudi - nice tribeswoman look but not so much punk.

The Grenadier Amazon range would also need a lot of punking up. I have a few of the cat riders but had pegged them for the Bollrbrjotr as their chainmail coats don't really fit in with the Amazon thing. Mind you I have been toying with the idea of allying them with the Amazons, as despite their human and Norse heritage they'll have a few common enemies...

I think that's as far as my google fu will take me today - if you know of any other ranges give me a shout!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Get Well Soon!

Another LPL entry - Round 6 this time, and I couldn't resist diving in straight away and painting up Kev Adam's self portrait and the Snorklings! Thought it would make a nice virtual Get Well Soon card should Kev be a regular at the LAF.

As you can see these minis are bursting with character and good humour - I'll definitely have to invest in some more to increase my Snotling horde...

Space Hopper with attitude!

I decided to base the other Snorklings up in a similar style to my existing Snotlings - plus there was a vague culinary theme running through the various minis.

The chap at the back right came with nothing in his hands - a nice opportunity for some more 80's style miliput mushroom action!

And yes, that is a bottle of Tabasco's...

In case you couldn't make out what the characters with the kitchen utensils at the back were up to...

And Kev himself, modelling that classic combo of faded jeans, red converse sneakers, camo jacket and green beanie!

Say hello to my little friend!

Still not sure as to the significance of the voodoo mask and wooden pipe as I missed the original release of this mini - answers on a postcard please!

Oh and don't forget Goblin Aid - here's a few teaser shots of the packs that the Goblins will be sold in if you can't stretch to buying the whole lot.

Don't forget, little Kevin and his Snorklings are still available from Foundry!

Front Rank... Charge!

My Round 5 entry for the LPL saw me delving into the small pile of historical minis I have to meet the requirements for the Civil War theme. There were extra bonus points on offer for providing both sides of your chosen conflict so I plumped for the War of the Roses (not at all topical for a Lancastrian living in Yorkshire!) as it was a good opportunity for tackling some minis I'd had for hanging around for a while.

After a little research on uniforms and heraldry I decided to represent the Yorkist forces of Richard, Duke of York and for the Lancastrians, knights of the retinue of Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland. Both were present at the Battle of Wakefield and the fact that that was a Lancastrian victory didn't sway me at all! Of course both factions will eventually end up in my Old World Allied force - a mixture of veteran mercenaries hailing from the far reaches of the Empire, Bretonnia, Tilea and the Border Princes.

The pikemen were a purchase from a fellow LAF'er some time ago - I forget who but thanks anyway! Not sure if they're actually from the War of the Roses but their equipment looked about right. Leading them is a chap from the old Citadel fighters range.

These chaps received a fairly basic paint scheme - not only was I running out of time to get this entry finished but I was conscious that I have another 23 of them to paint up to complete the unit...

Now the Lancastrian knights are definitely from the War of the Roses - Front Rank's War of the Roses range in fact. These were an ebay bargain - something in the region of £6 or so!

In fact I may have to invest in some Front Rank minis as they scale up to old Citadel very nicely and there's a great range of Billmen, Halberdiers, Handgunners and Crossbowmen - not to mention the fact that they're about £1 a mini.

I think this unit could with rounding out to ten as well...

There are also some lighter armoured horsemen that come open handed so you have the option of equipping them with such things as crossbows - depending on your opinion of the aesthetics of open handed minis they could make good Kriegsritter?

 Being all metal these chaps also have a nice heft to them!

I've yet to decide who exactly these knights will be led by in my Old World Mercenary Army or what their background might be - a dispossessed noble and his retinue, a professional soldier who's rise through the ranks has been constrained by his low birth - followed nonetheless by a band of the disgraced sons of the Nobility...

Nice as it has been to delve into the Old World again - and I have many Men-at-Arms, foot knights and various knightly orders, including the Knights Panther and some old style (80's) Knights of the White Wolf, champing at the bit in the paint queue - I'll be sticking in the New World for now until my Lustrian adventure is finished...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lost and Foundry...

Just a quick post this evening as I've a load of painting to get done for this week's LPL entry and I'm behind schedule yet again.

I mentioned earlier in the month that Foundry had lent their support to the Goblinaid cause by offering the excellent self portrait Kev did, along with a random assortment of Snorklings. These are great little minis which apparently Kev would sculpt out of the odds and ends of green stuff he had left at the end of the day during his time as a sculptor at Foundry.

I ordered a set a while back which seemed a long time in arriving. Anyhow after a couple of emails to Foundry lo and behold, a replacement set was dispatched forthwith and are now hogging the front of the painting queue. Many thanks to Matt at Foundry for the excellent service and should the lost pack ever turn up I'll be acting on his suggestion to paint them up and offer them for auction to raise a bit more for the cause.

Other exciting news is that the good folk at Foundry are planning to re-release all of Kev's stuff, including the 117 Snorklings he sculpted, at some point in the future. However, as they quite rightly say this won't be for a while as for one they don't want to tempt people away from the  imminent release of the pack of 40 or so Goblins sculpted for Goblinaid.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

An Unexpected Find...

Had a nice break from the painting today - energy levels have been running low a little lately what with working flat out at school and spending my (late) evenings frantically getting the next LPL entry ready!

Elvington Air Museum has proven a popular destination with the kids previously and this weekend it was the venue for Battle Group North.

Despite the weather we had a great time admiring all the hardware, along with flying displays, the Dakota powering up its engines and most spectacularly fast taxi runs by the Buccaneer and Handley Page Victor K2, pictured below.

Anyway, imagine my surprise (and the wife's suspicion!) when, on entering one of the main hangers to take refuge from the rain, we found a goodly number of gaming tables running demo games of Bolt Action, Flames of War and various other WW2 games! What's more there were stands from various historical miniature and scenery companies and a good sized one from Foundry.

After a good mooch around admiring the games in progress (I could definitely be persuaded into a bit of WW2 gaming!), a decent chat with the Foundry staff and a good look at their ranges in the flesh (those Kodiak bears are huge!) I happened across another stall that harboured a veritable treasure trove.

Among many many blister packs of old Citadel miniatures including Space Fleet ships, Nurglings, and other delights - beyond the 4 blister packs for the price of 3 offer for Harlequin miniatures including many lovely Kev Adams Orcs, there were several of the old hard clear plastic Regiment of Renown box sets. Sadly finances are a little tight at the moment so I knew most of this loot was out of my reach, but I resolved to get me some RoR!

But what to choose - Maruader Orc regiment, Mengil's Manflayers or...

... the Avenging Knights of the Cleansing Flame!

A good day definitely had by me!

Bog Gobs - Armoured Division

Howdy folks - got another LPL entry for you.

I present the Testudo Tank, crewed by the finest Shell Shock Troops of the tribe!

This one was a blast (if a little time consuming!) and almost finishes off one of my little side projects - 4A Goblins.

If you haven't seen them before they are sculpted by the legendary Kev Adams for the excellent Four A Miniatures. Here's most of the range so far that I've painted for my war band -

and some still in the paint queue...

Some of whom you may spot crewing Eureka's Turtle tank!

Detail of the driver, forward crewmen and upper gun deck - a few simple conversions lurking in there.

Gobbo gunners and spotters - I had a little fun with the banner too!

Another angle...

... and the rear crew, having a sneaky half!


So just a few more Goblin villagers, shaman and the excellent Crab rider to finish off - until the next release comes out that is!

Don't forget to support Goblin Aid if you can - almost all the Gobbo sculpts are in and nearly ready to be sent for casting!