Sunday 3 March 2024

You know what 'ol Jack Burton says at a time like this...

A time like this being Sunday evening after a pretty tiring weekend - he says post some old pictures of a vaguely Lo Pan inspired Sorcerer and his motley gang!

So it's getting late-ish on a Sunday evening. I've spent most of Saturday battling hundreds of Snotlings with my paint brush (once again they've beaten me!) and all of today dry stone walling at my parents' spot and I'm knackered. I'm going to delve in to the unpublished archives (you see - neglecting your blog for months does have some advantages!) to make sure I get a post out this week - not sure how long I'm going to keep this up as the supply of old stuff gradually dwindles!

I think I mentioned in an earlier post, on the painting commission I did for Stuart, that the only photos I had of this first batch were the pics I took for him after I'd finished painting them but before I based them.  

Turns out, after all, that I did take the opportunity to get some shots of them in my scenic set up before handing them over, after happily finding the pictures on my camera's memory card the other week!

As with the rest of the commission, Stuart was quite specific about the colours and look he wanted, which was really helpful, although I do remember asking if channelling a bit of Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China with the sorcerer model was ok - it was, although I didn't go to mad with it, limiting myself to a bit of eye make-up!

As I said in my last post on the subject, this was a lovely bunch to paint - reminding me of all sorts of things from Fighting Fantasy's Sword of the Samurai, with the evil sorcerer and his bestial followers, to the striking character of Lo Pan. I gather the wizard is a pretty rare model, if not unreleased, but I'd dearly love to get hold of him for myself for my own Oriental army, which is very slowly coming together.

With 900m of wall top fencing to put in at work next week (cue me spending most of the week day evenings comatose on the sofa, rather than painting) and a family get together for my nephews' birthdays at the weekend (cue me dry stone walling by day to avoid the little whippersnappers and drinking way too much by night), I can see those Snotlings eluding me once more. I may have to admit defeat and post up the few I have completed - if I can get them photographed by the weekend...

May the Great Goblinmaster smile upon my snotty endeavours!


  1. great looking miniatures. and pretty cool scenery as well.
    good luck with those snotlings.
    usually when I take a break from blogging I don't take any pictures. I find it liberating to do stuff and not document it. ūüėĀ

    1. Cheers Stew - I think the (rare!) sunshine streaming in through the shed window helped a lot! Yeah, I get that - I certainly stopped taking pictures of games I'd played - mainly because they're big multiplayer affairs and it was often hard to remember what went on in the wider game - definitely liberating though as you could concentrate more on the game. Plus I always get that sneaky feeling that publishing game reports here makes me sound like Arnold Rimmer recounting his exploits playing Risk XD -

      Aye we'll get them Snotties whipped in to shape eventually...