Friday 21 June 2019

The Trolltooth Wars: Clawbeast WIP

Well it's Friday night and the best (and probably the only constuctive) thing to do in these Western reaches of Mordor is to have a drink or two. Or seven. Even if there is a huge pile of miniatures that need to be painted by August 2nd...

So I figured if I can't raise a paint brush for raising too many drinks, I might as well share some more WIPs and ramblings with you good folk and keep my blog posting on a roll. 

And what better way to do it than with this little beastie!

Now I might have mentioned in my last post how I loved the Fighting Fantasy world and how it felt a lot more diverse and richer than the Old World of Warhammer - and if I was being really unkind, I might take that back when confronted with one of the goofier monsters that one might encounter when exploring the wilds of Allansia - the Clawbeast!

To quote "Out of the Pit" (Jackson, Livingstone, ed. Gascoigne), 

Some species have evolved, in isolation in the wild, in to savage carnivorous killing machines. Lions and sharks are prime examples; less common are the Gretch of the Southern deserts and the Clawbeasts of the North. Taller than a man by almost a head, they are brutish killers, covered in long shaggy clumps of thick hair, which gives them a mottled colouring somewhere between grey, green and brown. They have four arms, instead of two, and each ends in a vicious curving hook which they use like scythes when attacking.

Fielding this beastie on the table top was no mean feat and I went through various options without really feeling satisfied with any of them, despite loving the miniatures in their own right - they will have their moment in the future...

Black Tree Design's Asmodei the Fiend - cracking monster but too insectoid. Might make a good Ambull...

Andy Atom Taylor's Hook Terror - looking forward to giving this one some Tzeetchy colours...

And Otherworld's Hook Horror - lovely D&D inspired stuff but too birdy and S&M for my FF weirdo!
Parroom Station's Many Armed Mape - why did I not order from this lot before they vanished!
Reaching the end of my tether a week or two ago I searched for 28mm miniature yetis and was rewarded with this...

... and this.

A little bestial maybe but looking good. Both minis are Yetis from the Reaper Bones range - a range my fellow Trolltooth compatriot Warlord Paul has put to good effect in some of our previous games. 

Undeterred by the potentially bendy nature of the plastic I ordered two of both...

Why two you say? Well they only have two arms each and I needed four - and some Tyranid claws - and those armless yetis will come in handy for something...

The Beasts with claws attached were looking promising, if a little pumped on steroids and new GW'ed compared to the original artwork - so this is how it happens ;)

A little green stuff to blend the claws in and hide the gaps - was watching The Silence on Netflix and this menial task was far more interesting if that helps anyone to decide on whether to watch that movie or not.

Et voila - one Clawbeast...

... and two Clawbeasts! Now to finish those Rhinomen and work out how to make green, grey, brown mottled fur look interesting...


  1. Brilliant conversions, well done. Hope you head is ok this morning:)

    1. Cheers Springisfield - hopefully they'll still look alright once I've daubed them with paint! Head is fine - now back to the paint queue!

  2. Very nice conversion! Well done, they look very intimidating!

    1. Thanks Mouse - I'm sure with my dice rolling and the curse of being newly painted (shortly) they'll soon lose any intimidation factor!