Tuesday 7 March 2017

Shady Characters

Thought I'd make a change this month and get my quota for the Tale of Four Gamers challenge out of the way early - I only just got last month's entry posted on Facebook for adjudication at what must have been close to two minutes to midnight on the 28th Feb!

This month I've gone for a unit of 10 Shadows - Dark Elf scouts equipped with shields, hand weapons and repeating crossbows, weighing in at 180 points.

For the purposes of squeezing this lot in under the 1500 points limit we have on our armies for this challenge I'll be fielding this unit without a hero to lead them. Hopefully their leadership of 8 and cool of 9 should see them through even the worst my dice rolling can throw at them!

However, miniatures this characterful can't go without some kind of background and every unit has its leader even if they aren't a recognised hero. May I present Golge's Ghosts...

Golge Unuak was never one for the strict heirarchy of Dark Elf high society. He regarded the petty power struggles and political machinations between the various clans of the nobility with thinly veiled contempt. So it was that Golge earned the wrath of his father by straying far and often from the cloying clutches of noble life in the city of Ghaba Ghanaf. 

Golge's favourite haunts were the deep caverns beneath the Guluach Rondi - the Western Mountains that lay a few day's ride from Ghaba Ghanaf. There he hunted the Cold Ones that were so prized as beasts of war and soon won quite a reputation for cunning and derring do amongst the hardened frontier folk who scratched a scant living from what to Golge was a diverting pastime.

It was Calen Rauko who was Golge's saving grace. Having narrowly escaped several assassination attempts organised by a father determined to rid his clan of such a disappointing embarassment, Golge caught the eye of the aspiring captain. Golge was selected as potential officer material for the Scout section attached to Rauko's household cavalry. 

 Unsurprisingly, Golge proved his worth time and again, employing the skills he had learned deep beneath the Western Mountains, though this time his quarry were the High Elves of Rrinnhasha. Since then he went on to serve with distinction and was given command of his own unit of chosen scouts. Many were the tales told of Golge's Ghosts to scare little children in to behaving and none who dwelt in the Northern Reaches relished being abroad after dark if the black sails of Rauko's Reavers were seen on the horizon...


  1. Your leader looks like he's nicked a hussars jacket somewhere in his journeys.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking his attire looked a little anachronistic!

  2. I thought it was Adam Ant but I'm an old timer.

  3. The same thought occurred to me, heavy 80's eye make-up. Thank goodness my own teenage son doesn't have to put up with that kind of thing.

  4. Glad I've channelled a bit of that OTT 80's New Romanticism!