Monday, 27 July 2015

A Face to Launch a Single Ship...

Yikes, BOYL 2015 is nearly here and there's still plenty to do! It didn't help that I pulled an all nighter on Saturday, supporting my Brother who ran the Lakeland 100 - a 105 mile run up, down and through most of the Lake District.

I'm definitely on catch-up now but have had a very productive morning bulking up the Giant's head with milliput.

Lots of milliput!

I think he's looking more the part now, although I need to do more work on the detail of the ears, which I don't mind admitting that I'm finding a tad tricky.

Good job they'll be painted black!

I'll have to wait till tomorrow now anyway so they can harden up before I add any more detail.

There's the beginnings of a family resemblance...

A week or so ago I took delivery of some very nice scenic bits from Antenociti's Workshop - namely the resin archer ports, windows and doors that have appeared all over the ship.

They're close enough to the ones on the film version and really add a nice level of detail.

I also had my first foray into the world of 3D printing. Not that I'm beginning to obsess over this little build at all, but I had to find a suitably large cauldron that looked like the one the Time Bandits hide in before they knock the Ogre's wife overboard. In stepped a company called Shapeways who seem to have all sorts of stuff for sale as well as the opportunity to upload your own designs.

The future of modern war gaming I wonder...

View from the back where I have added a huge rudder. Unfortunately it's not very securely attached to the ship thanks to my stacking system of floors for the Quarter deck.

A nice skull from some Ogre Kingdom sprue to decorate the Poop Deck.

and some bits and pieces from Ainsty and Scotia Grendel to recreate Mrs Ogre's macabre kitchen.


Up stairs is the games room and drinking den!

Winston the Ogre inspects his own cabin...

Fingers crossed I get it all finished in time!


  1. That's all looking rather grand, Steve!

  2. that is going to look outragous when finished!

  3. Not bad sir, not bad at all, that head really is begining to look like the giant!

  4. Cheers fella's! Plan for today is to finish off the Giant's head with a bit more detail and to get the whole thing undercoated. Hopefully get some dry-brushing and washes applied too...

  5. Gakk! Completely wonderful! One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies! Looks fantastic! Great work, Thantsants!

    1. My pleasure Mr Mouse - it's one that's always stuck with me too!