Wednesday 28 May 2014

War of the Daleks

Dr Who this time! As some of you will know I'm also a bit of a Dr Who fan and in fact it's also where the name of this blog comes from;

There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, where the sea is asleep and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea is getting cold. Come on, Ace, we've got work to do.
Seventh Doctor, Survival

Some time ago, Lenihan of Where the Sea Pours Out fame suggested that we get our heads together and, by way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr Who and the 25th anniversary of the Remembrance of the Daleks story, play a Dalek Civil War scenario. Happily Black Tree Design were having a Black Friday sale last Novemeber so I was able to bolster my existing Dalek force to meet Lenihan's Imperial threat.

This is the first of three scenarios we played during the Battle at the Farm weekend I hosted up in the Lakes. I of course commanded the Renegades, Lenihan brought along the Imperials and Ollie took control of the Brigadier and UNIT.

Each force had their own objectives and missions detailed here -

Renegade Dalek Briefing

Imperial Dalek Briefing

UNIT Briefing

Scenario 1 - The War Begins...

Worried about recent reports of a second Dalek faction, Sgt Benton orders his patrol forwards to see what intelligence they can gather.

In the distance an Imperial patrol enters the sector, sensors scanning for any enemy presence.

Guttural snarls and grunts signal the entrance of an Ogron patrol, shepherded forward by their Renegade masters.

A clash of patrols is inevitable!

Having located the Renegades the Imperials swing round to meet the threat, followed by their Robomen slaves and a vile Slyther.

UNIT troopers creep towards the hedge that borders the road, covered by the Bren gun team.

The Ogrons fan out into an extended line, screening the Renegades and keeping their beady eyes peeled for any threats.

UNIT High Command checks the lay if the land...

Suddenly the unmistakable silhouettes of Daleks appear above the hedge line.

The Ogrons glance nervously at each other and at the expanse of open ground they must cover to close with their enemy.

Another strange alien looks down from its vantage point!

The crackle of Dalek blasters mark the  opening of hostilities and the two lead Ogrons fall to the ground, clutching smoking wounds. Several Robomen appear with jerking movements to threaten the Renegades flank.

Two UNIT snipers look on at the unexpected sight of Dalek on Dalek agression.

Faced with certain death from the Imperial Daleks skulking behind the hedge, the Ogrons charge at the nearer Robomen, heedless of the menacing hissing emanating from the Slyther!

The combat is inconclusive as the Robomen gang up on the first Ogron. The Slyther charges at the second but is unable to overcome its victim.

Luckily the firing from the Imperial shooting squad is completely ineffective and the Renegades sail on through a hail of blaster fire!

UNIT continues to observe the startling scene.

The Renegades return fire but a combination of their advance over the irregular terrain and the intervening cover mean they fail to hit their targets.

Sgt Benton stations his second squad to cover the road in case the victors (whoever they might be) head their way.

The close quarter battle continues as the lead Ogron fells one of his Robomen adversaries. The Slyther proves to be a dangerous opponent, even for two of the ape-like creatures.

Again the Renegade Daleks open fire, this time halting to improve their aim, however the cowardly Imperial tactic of hiding behind a hedge proves successful once more!

Daddy, why do the Daleks on TV not hide behind bushes?
From their superior firing position, the Imperials finally score a hit, destroying one of the Renegades!

Aware of their vulnerability the Renegades split. Having sensed a Human presence off to the right, one of them moves towards the road, while the second remains stationary, targeting the Imperials.

At the ominous sight of a Dalek approaching, UNIT immediately withdraw from their positions and withdraw with the intelligence they were after.

It is not long before the Renegades have their revenge! With typical Imperial arrogance, the Imperial Daleks had neglected proper tactical spacing. Two of their number were caught in the blast and not even their polycarbide armour could save them!

Another Roboman falls against the brutish Ogron despite further reinforcements joining the fray. The Slyther is wounded once again.

Incensed by the destruction of the rest of its patrol, the last surviving Imperial Dalek closes to within short range and destroys the offending Renegade.

With two Ogrons clubbing nd tearing at it, the Slyther can stand no more and is beaten into submission, leaving only a single Roboman standing between them and its Dalek master.

Unsurprisingly it is not enough and the last Imperial suffers the indignity of being pulled apart by members of a slave race...


  1. Great writeup and lovely photos. Well done on getting in there first with your report, I've procrastinated on this for a loooooooong time.

    1. Cheers mate - sorry about the low dig at Imperial tactics! ; )

      I figured it was time to clear the decks before the Oldhammer weekend is upon us...