Sunday 29 September 2013

Tyranids before Bedtime...

Got another game in with my old pal Ollie last weekend - my Genestealer Cult against his Black Templars. Here's the scenario we hashed out on the night - 

The once bustling Imperial planet, Thorium G, was now a wreck. Eaten from within by that most terrible of all Man's cancers - Genestealer infestation. Long and subtle had been the onset of the corruption as the cult grew around its founding father like some obscene crysalis.

Slowly it reached out its tendrils, absorbing and embracing the rich and poor alike. Soon the entire Broadcast Network had been subverted to the cause and its message of hope and enlightenment brought many more to the fold.

It wasn't until all communication with the planet ceased that the problem began to get noticed. The came the single distress signal, which indicated that high level Scientific Personnel were in need of extraction.

A small force of Marines from the Black Templar Chapter were sent in but the mission went awry. On finding out that the entire Planetary Defense Force had been subverted by the Cult, the Marines became aware of the risk to the blockading fleet from the Planet's considerable battery of Defense Lasers.

Taking the only decision he could, the Marine Captain set a beacon to call down the planetary bombardment that would cleanse Thorium G of all infestation. As long as the beacon could be defended and kept transmitting...

Traitor PDF forces, including a modified Rhino and improvised heavy weaponry trundle towards the Imperial line. Leading the way are the Brood Initiates, fanatics and religious lunatics ready to sacrifice all for the Great Father.

A PDF Landspeeder bides it time in order to co-ordinate its attack with the first wave of cultists.

The PDF biker streaks ahead, grenade launcher at the ready...

Using the woods to cover their advance, Brood Initiates and Brothers close with the Marines in relative safety.

The first wave erupts from cover in to the storm of Bolter and Heavy Weapon fire from the Imperials.

In the open ground a few lucky shots find their mark, but the Cultists suffer heavy casualties.

Having failed to successfully hit any of the targets on te hill, the PDF Rhino guns for the Marines in the front line, intending on ramming any who stand in its way.

A lucky roll on the Reinforcements chart sees the Hive Fleet arrive early - much to the chagrin of my opponent!

Yep - I'd be worried too with six Tyranid Warriors rampaging towards my lines!
The surviving Brood Initiates reach the Imperial lines, supported by their Rhino. More heavily armed Brood Brothers skulk behind them, looking for a gap to exploit.

The rebel PDF forces suffer horrendous casualties at the hands of massed Stormbolter fire from the Black Templar's Terminators! However, fresh meat for the grinder is ready to throw itself into the grinder...

Forced on by their unreasoning rage, the Brood Initiates charge into a hopeless melee with the second Terminator squad and predictably meet a sticky end. The targeting beacon for the Imperial Virus bombs remains intact!

The Rhino suffers a glancing hit from the Dreadnought's heavy weaponry and the lascannon lashed to one of its cupolas is disabled. Undeterred the crew turn their vehicle into a weapon and gun for the Space Marines in front of them, scattering and breaking their firing line.

The elite of the cult swarm towards the fighting, covered by their human acolytes...

Unfortunately those acolytes are reduced to a fine red mist by more punishing fire from the Terminators!

The Terminators on the left charge the Rhino in an attempt to stop it careering through their position. Unfortunately their crackling power gloves find no purchase on the speeding machine.

Behind that desperate struggle come the strange trumpeting cries of the Tyranid warriors as they surge down the left flank towards the breach in the Marines' lines.

The PDF Landspeeder makes its moves, rising up out of cover and sending a blast of plasma screaming towards the Dreadnought. The blast falls short but  incinerates several of the Sisters of Battle at the foot of the hill. Its Heavy Bolter fails to claim any further targets. Struggling with his improvised gun carriage, the remaining artilleryman once again misses the hulking shapes of the Terminators.

Things reach a decisive phase on the left flank. The Rhino turns and continues its rampage through the centre, scattering the Sisters of Battle and Marine High Command. Taking advantage of the confusion and lull in the deadly fire that had so far kept the horde at bay, the Tyranids and Genestealers pour across  No-Man's-Land.

Realising they don't have the strength to destroy the beacon, the Xenos begin eyeing up softer targets...

Another round of punishing fire sees yet more PDF forces fleeing for their lives!

Yet a spectacular set of dice rolls (and rerolls as per the 5th ed. Stormbolter rules!) sees the Lascannon and crew member survive the combined fire of five Terminators!

Once again a Terminator squad charges the careering Rhino and once again are foiled by the vehicle's speed. In a desperate attempt to stem the Tyranid advance the Sister Superior and her compatriots charge the towering beasts.

The Terminators are scattered having failed to disable the Rhino.

A hissing tide of claws and chitin swarms up the hillside to engage the Marine squad there. The Marines' power armour saves them the Genestealers' vicious attacks.

The Battle Sisters put up a good fight but are clearly no match for the huge Tyranid warriors!

The Rhino angles itself to block lines of fire from the Marines now that the Tyranids and Genestealers had reached their targets behind it.

The Landspeeder takes a retaliatory hit from the Dreadnought, knocking out its Heavy Plasma gun. Undeterred the fanatical crew swoop down on the Sisters of Battle on the right, gunnning one down with its secondary Heavy Bolter.

More reinforcements arrive in the form of further PDF forces and the Magus himself puts in an appearance. Will they arrive at the front in time...

More Sisters of Battle fall against the Tyranids, as their Superior fights on despite her grievous wounds.

Amazingly the Genestealers' attacks are staved off as they again fail to penetrate the Marines' powered armour.

Having slowed to a halt the Rhino finally presents an easier target for the Terminators, who pull it to pieces with their Chain and Power fists.

The inevitable happens and the Sister Superior finally falls - things look grim for the surviving defenders...

Now free to seek fresh targets, the Tyranids wreak havoc amongst the Terminators.

Although the Genestealers prove less effective!

An ominous chiming sounds from the Marine's beacon and a red light flashes to green. An ominous premonition of the white heat and death flashes through the Magus' mind...

Time has run out and even as the Cult continues to hurl itself at its attackers. the sky is streaked with fire.

Well another fun game of 40K with Ollie, who's version of events (blogged while we were playing thanks to some fancy APP he had on his phone!) can be found here.

I did find though that various bits of 5th ed. 40K don't quite sit right with me - things like the save modifiers and armour piercing being very different to how RT/2nd ed worked as I remember them. The Tank Shock rule too seemed a bit odd in that it pushed enemy troops out of the way instead of crushing them beneath the tracks! It seems that the only thing you can ram is other vehicles. I think a bit of Rogue Trader might be in order next time...


  1. A nice battle with some nice minis - what more does one need ... :)

    1. Thanks Hans - we certainly had fun. Nice to do a bit of over the top, fight off the horde kind of thing once in a while!

  2. Thorium G, by jiminy, looks like a fine place to bury some loot, yaaargh!

    1. By Jiminy it is...

      But it just so 'appens that I got a right nice other little backwater planet for just that...

  3. Awesome report really enjoyed it. Nice to see some old school tyranids. There were so many of those plastic warriors I wonder what happened to them you don't really see them resurface. I know I used mine as Chaos Spawn...

    1. Thanks Minitrol - I always wanted some of these Tyranids ever since my old pal got the Terminators and Tyranids box set (horrible Terminators though!).

      These were an ebay bargain ages ago and came with the paint they still have on them now - so cheers to whoever painted them!

      I wonder if their delicate nature meant a lot didn't survive?

  4. I really enjoyed that game, twas a fun evening! You will be pleased to know that I have put in an offer on a house in Acomb this week! so more games at mine if all goes well :-)

    1. Great news - good luck with that! Keep me posted and hopefully we can have a celebrational game soon?

      Sorry to have missed you over Christmas - hope you had a good one.