Saturday, 6 July 2013

Goddesses of Battle?

Just spotted some rather tasty Amazon proxies in Foundry's new Fantasy range for their Gods of Battle game.

I don't know much about the game - perhaps the Oldhammer Weekend down at Foundry might change that if a demo game is run and I get enough time away from running Orc's Drift and playing all the other games I  want to!

Of particular interest to me from an Amazonian point of view are the Lion Tribe Female warriors from the Thousand Tribes faction - definitely good Koka Kalim material.

There are also some rather nice Cavalry options from the Thousand Tribes who'd make very nice Chaos Thug Horsemen and women.

 Definitely a passing resemblance to the illustration from the Armies book.

Back to the Amazons though, and the Half Elves are another faction with some promising  options. They have quite a Native American feel to them but I'm sure with the right paint job I could Meso-American them up a bit.

With a little bit of Otoplasty, these ladies could make some good Tribeswomen to bolster the ranks. I wonder if it'll be possible to cherry pick the females out of the Vulture tribe packs?

More to add to the shopping list for the Oldhammer weekend!


  1. Scary ladies indeed. Well worth getting for your project.

    1. Scary ladies - that would have been a great title for this post!

  2. That's a good find! Foundry are rolling back the years now that they are back under the mighty dark wing of the mighty dark-winged avenger himself, which is great to see.

    1. Definite old school vibe here, although I do think other parts of the range are a little iffy!

  3. Yes, they look good.

    I would be wary on the possbile scale creep of them, just in case they look out of scale with older miniatures. I don't know if that is a problem as I have'nt seen the miniatures first hand.

    Looks like a fun project :)

    1. Thanks Lee - the ladies are a bit thin in the ranks so need all the help they can get to keep those pesky Norsemen away from their goledn charms!

      Hopefully this lot should be ok - a lot of the other Foundry ranges scale well with old Citadel. In fact some of the Foundry stuff is old Citadel - looking forward to topping up with some more Norse and Bretonnians when I'm down there in August.

  4. Look very well for Thugs Marauder !!
    Good find :)

    Bye Nico

  5. Hey Thantsants,

    Mouse is in!

    How about we set up a time to meet on one of our blogs to discuss our game/set-up/and method for playing it?

    And these Amazons are okay but what about the Grenadier ones? I would love to see your wonderful painting style applied to some classic Grenadier Amazons!

    1. Great stuff - I think some time on Saturday might be an idea. What's the difference in times zones?

      I can set up a new post here for the discussion if you like.

      As for the Grenadier Amazons - I have a few of the cat riders but because of their chain mail armour I was going to include them with the Bollrbjotr.

      Some of the unarmoured archers might fit in with the Citadel Amazons though...

  6. Sounds good, Thantsants. Saturday would work for me. I think we have an eight hour difference in time. And sure, your blog would be a nice familiar spot to meet.

    I look forward to this adventure, Thantsants!