Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lady Land

The Temple of Rigg build rumbles on and the Lustrian Lady Land continues to slowly take shape...

Currently painting Amazons as I am at the moment and having finally gotten around to reading Zhu's latest delve into Amazonian Archeoideology, I thought I'd take a look at some possible alternative miniatures to expand the old Citadel range.

I have a small assortment of Tribeswomen and Koka Kalim and a fairly healthy number of suitable miniatures for the Sisterhood (more of which later once they've done their bit in the LPL), however its not a patch on Harry's fine looking warband and looking at the hordes of Norsemen, Slann and other jungle nasties arrayed against my lot, I figured I could do with bolstering the ranks a little.

As much as I like the old range there are a limited number of sculpts to play with and although they come up on ebay fairly regularly they can sometimes command somewhat of a premium. So I've cast the net a little wider to find models from other ranges that might fit the bill.

Again Zhu has hit the nail on the head with the look I'm after - to quote, practically attired, drugged up amazon punk tribeswomen and neo-primitive feminist punks

So where to start - obviously the House Escher range from Necromunda

There's some good looking models here and with a bit of decluttering of equipment belts, addition of feather fringes and replacing some of those stub and auto pistols with laspistols, the ranks of the Koka Kalim could be swelled quite nicely as well as getting some high age tech in there too.

I already have a few minis that compliment the sisterhood quite nicely. The Houri with dagger (9) makes a nice frenzied priestess in full sacrificial mode, while the Amazon with sword (7) and Amazon Priestess (8) are on the shopping list. I believe there are mounted versions of all three, although I'm not sure about the presence of horses in Lustria. I have another lady in similar attire to the Houri who is throwing her arms up in the air, with her hair and dress streaming out behind her as though blown by a great wind - I had thought she was part of this range but can't find any sign of her - pic to come...

edit - and here it is (thanks Springisfield!)

That frog might come in handy too for other purposes! 

There is of course the Talisman Amazon (top left)

Samantha Phox (17) also makes an appearance as a Priestess getting a little carried away!

As Zhu also mentions Elven Wardancers in his exploration of Dungeonpunk, I wonder if the female Wardancers here might convert into Koka Kalim with a little ear and weapon alteration?

The Space Amazon (09) also caught my eye... Would a power armoured Kalim warrioress be too much of a stretch for the imagination?!

I think that's about it for the Citadel ranges - let me know if you can think of any others.

As for other ranges - Zhu has mentioned some of the interesting stuff to come out of the world of Tekumel, but I know he's planning on a post on that subject so I'll leave them for now.

Spellcrow do some rather tasty looking Wild Elves -

Ral Partha have some Amazons in their Chaos Imperium range. Not sure about the swordswoman but the other two could be useful.

Hmm some nice Horse archers too - might have to look at alternative jungle mounts...

Hasslefree has a few possibilities - 

Valaska Syn - a bit chaosy, but definitely has that punk vibe

and Boudi - nice tribeswoman look but not so much punk.

The Grenadier Amazon range would also need a lot of punking up. I have a few of the cat riders but had pegged them for the Bollrbrjotr as their chainmail coats don't really fit in with the Amazon thing. Mind you I have been toying with the idea of allying them with the Amazons, as despite their human and Norse heritage they'll have a few common enemies...

I think that's as far as my google fu will take me today - if you know of any other ranges give me a shout!


  1. Not sure if you know about these but they might be useful to have?

    1. Thanks Paul but a bit too classical for what I'm after. Think cyber punks with a Meso-American twist!

      Mind you being plastic and multipart they could be useful for spare parts...

    2. Yeah I thought being plastic they would be handy to kit bash with, maybe. You could turn metal doubles into something new with them. Also, Wargames Factory have a box of female post-zombie-apocalypse survivors coming out soon, that would be a good box to kit bash them with. It depends how many you need, if the available metals suffice then you won't need them. If you need a large volume of zany ladies then you could do worse, they have loads of bare heads which you can green stuff some punky hairdos onto and just swap the spears for some GW saurus weapons plus the occasional laspistol.

  2. heh! tnx for the shout out.

    A few bookmarks for your perusal:

    and freebooters fate:

    Although these are bikini / tits-out, they are nicely done, and Cavalcade have a lovely Kevin Adams mesomerican pigfaced-orc beast.

    Boudi could work with the right paintjob, think rainbow-warrior crust-punk hair and animal patterned fabric.

    Potentially the female Eldar Harlequins as high ranking Kola Kalim. Perhaps painting the masks in animal patterns.

    1. My pleasure!

      The Cavalcade minis are rather nice - they'd make good bodyguards perhaps, especially with the spear armed options.

      I like the Freebooter priestess too - might be nice to have at least one mini with a pretty face as some of the old citadel girls do look a little like men in drag!

      I did glance briefly at the Harlequin - great minds and all that!

      Just need to scrape some funds together and explain to the wife why I'm spending hard-earned cash on ladies in varying states of undress...

    2. Oh and the Coyotl beastie thing might make a good demon to be conjured up by the more sorcerous members of the Sisterhood.

  3. Oh and while I'm here. Female Warrior Gabs from the RT Adventurers range, as a very high ranking member of the Sisterhood, likewise Mad Donna Ulanti from Necromunda.

    1. I like the idea of the higher ranking Sisterhood being totally tooled up - might have to track down Gabs...

      Mad Donna looks fun too, although the suspenders had originally put me off!

  4. This may help:

    Various other FAC that may interest you including the one you couldn't find:

    1. Cheers Steve - I was using that as a reference but unfortunately most of the minis are in the Classical Greek style. Nearly posted a pic of those terrible Esses Amazons for a laugh!

      Cheers for the cavalry link - them's some nice old lead. I've had various half hearted attempts at bidding for them on ebay and have been surprised at the price they've sometimes commanded.

      Managed to miss that Leofwine you had on the other night - good job really as I haven't got that kind of money for a single mini, tempted though I was!

  5. I think the figure you describe is FA23 Evil Priestess?

    The Amazon Priestess from this range would fit in as well perhaps?

    1. Ah yes, that's the young lady in question - thanks!

      The Amazon Priestess is definitely on the shopping list too.

  6. If Wargames Foundy re-release thier Elf Nymph range I thought they might make a good start for Amazons. They are'nt on thier website at the moment, but this link gives an idea of what they look like:

    Some of them have punk-ish hair and they are equiped with bows too. The models do have a tendancy to be naked, but you could use them as a maniquin and green stuff dress them in clothes similar to the old C series Amazons.

    They are about the same height as 1980's models, I think they also have slightly pointed ears, but that is nothing trimming or green stuff can't cope with.

    1. Good call Lee - there's some corkers in there, especially the clothed ones with bows and spears and feathers in their hair. Nice standard bearer too.

      I don't know if its the paint jobs but I always thought the naked ones had a rather strange physique...

      Wonder what my haberdashery skills are like?

    2. You did a great job on the Slann Cold One riders, so you should be fine.

      I think Kev White wrote a piece saying that he sculpted all his miniautres naked and then added the clothes layer by layer, and as the folds lay on the body. Being Amazons, mid thigh skirts or tunic dresses. dresses seem to be the main clothes, with some decoration.

      You are right on a few of the naked ones, some of the hips are a little odd, but they could be filed. Some of them could have a weapon swap with Slann high age weapons too.

      I have some somewhere, so if I get time I'll give it a go and see if it possible to dress the Nymphs!

      By the way, on the subject of Lustria and Slann, a blatant plug for my blog (sorry!) in that I have updated it with all the Fantasy Slann in one go!

    3. Well I reckon they'll probably go on the shopping list when I go down to the Oldhammer weekend at the Foundry this summer.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence - perhaps mini skirts and tunics could be within my grasp! High age weapons are a must - those Norsemen won't know what's hit them...

      Good luck with your attempts at clothing the Nymphs - I'll be interested in seeing the results.

      Oh and I've just about picked myself off the floor after seeing the multitudinous legions of the Jade Throne! Plug away :)

  7. Hi you want check out a few of the Aussie sculptors such as Shadowforge and Victoria Lamb

    1. That's quite a hair-d on the Dwarf heroine!

      The Dark temple Acolytes look good as do a lot of the tribals from Shadowforge.

      Cheers for the tip!

  8. Just seen this on LAF, and thought it would make a good priestess


    1. In fact these would be good too!

    2. Cheers - I think I definitely need to make a purchase or two from the Tekumel range!