Friday, 7 December 2012

An Englishman's home is his...

Mighty Fortress!!

Yes, I am the proud owner of the original Mighty Fortress having failed woefully to exercise any willpower whatsoever, after I'd seen it advertised on the LAF - thanks again to Notts Gamer. This is one of those classic pieces of Oldhammer loveliness that I've hankered after ever since seeing it in the 3rd ed. rule book.

There is a downside to all this though - I think I need a new gaming table...

... as there's not much room left!

I should really have taken a pic of the original box it came in as well but I was in too much of a hurry to recreate some of those lovely shots from the Warhammer Siege book.


So I'll have to add playing a siege game to my long To Do list...

Best get on with painting up all that Orc artillery I've been amassing!


  1. I managed to pick up the mighty fortress quite recently on Ebay for an absolute song, also in it's original box...

    Unfortunately one of the towers is badly damaged (which wasn't mentioned in the listing), it looks like the previous owner wanted to do creeping vines/ivy up the side.

    And used poly-cement to glue flock up it...
    So... We all know what happens to polystyrene when it comes into contact with a solvent right...


    But, I'll not let that deter me, I'll rebuild with more polystyrene or stones or something and have it look like repaired damage (which it is anyway...) from some previous battle.

  2. Ah man, that is a pain - especially as the seller was less than honest. Surely everyone knows what polystyrene cement does to polystyrene right?!

    Mind you, like you say, it could look rather good after your repair job.

    There were some nice shots in the Siege book of wooden hoardings that had been constructed for archers on the ramparts - might be an option?

    1. It's actually the two outside faces of the tower, all the way from base to up and around the arrow slits.

      And not in thin lines either, there's quite possibly 30-40% of both walls covered.

      I think the only options are either:

      - Completely rebuild the faces (fieldstone/timber supports)
      - Take the damage further and go for a ruined tower.

      I did consider just going for an all out ruined/part rebuilt theme throughout the fortress set.

    2. (Whistles through teeth!) Wow, that's quite some damage!

      I'm hoping to get some of the Hirst Arts fieldstone moulds for Christmas so if you need some blocks casting up to aid your repairs let me know :)

      A ruined tower would look very cool but would be quite a courageous decision to take!

  3. Hey Thantsants,

    Congratulations on a Mighty score! Love your action shots!

  4. Can dreadnaughts and robots be far behind?

  5. Cheers Private - I hope to make them real action points sometime in the New Year...

    Zhu - I don't yet own any robots or Dreadnoughts. I wonder too whether I could bring myself to say holes in the walls and start smoking cigars! ;)

    Mind you I've always had more than a soft spot for those old RT Space Marine dreads, and if the Robots didn't fetch such crazy prices on Ebay I'd have a few by now. Definitely need to get my Imperial Guard in action against my Genestealer cult and play some RT - I love the idea of a backwards primitive world and using a load of my fantasy models too though...