Thursday, 12 July 2012

If I had an (Old)hammer...

... I'd hammer in the morning
I'd hammer in the evening
All over this land...

Right, got the logo, got the T shirt (cheers Zhu) and everyone else suddenly got  busy.


So what can I contribute to this hive of activity?

Well I do have one small contribution to make - Orc's Drift.

Armies painted - check

Scenery built - check

Bunch of experienced Oldhammerers to play with...

Now as Gaj is nobly pressing on with mobilising the masses for a meet, I would be a little hesitant at bringing all the stuff to such an event - purely for the reason that this mahoosive scenario could well monopolise much of the weekend! I think it would be much more fun to get in as many smaller games against a larger (hopefully) array of opponents. Of course, should public demand demand otherwise I'd be more than happy to cart the whole lot down to wherever we end up.

Anyway, as you may have guessed by now, this is at heart a transparent ploy to lure you fellow leadheads of a more southerly persuasion up to the (at the moment) Grimdark of the North ;)

 Good to see Hetz on the Opponent finder by the way - we'll definitely have to hook up some time this summer.

Sneak preview - one of the in-game shots I took of the final Orc's Drift scenario - now that I have my old computer back and access to the photos I took at the time. Only problem now  - 2 year old daughter got hold of my aging Olympus and has bust it! :0

Another thought I had, whilst perusing the growing list of names on the Oldhammer Player Registry, set up by Gaj and Opponent Finder map set up by Skarsnik and Old Lead, was that it might be quite cool to also post up somewhere the background we may have come up with for our painted armies.

What I'm envisioning is some kind of very loosely fitting narrative thread that we can weave into our games when we do meet up. For example, should I get around to setting up an Undead V Empire game up with Gareth the Grot down in the South West, I could decide that my Chaotic Necromancer, Baron Kraust has raised enough skeletons to move against the townsfolk who originally banished him. The ensuing game could then see the Baron foiled in his raid and once more banished, or victorious in his revenge. This in turn might mean that the next game (whenever that might be!) could well be along the lines of a nearby Wood Elf force becoming concerned with the Baron's growing power and so on. As we write up more and more games we should start to get a rough sense of narrative running through our encounters, which would add another dimension to the wonderfully imaginative scenarios I'm sure we can concoct.

Thoughts, criticism, further ideas and pointing out of the obvious and inherent problems in all of this are most welcome!

I also remember seeing a comment from my old LAF buddy Phreedh somewhere (beginning to lose track with all this blogging goodness!) mentioning that a set of basic scenarios would be a good way in for new intiates - sounds like a good first feature for the online fanzine - certainly got a few ideas myself...


  1. I really like the idea Thantsants. We could set up another blog, put interested parties down as posters and call it the 'Oldhammer Chronicles' or something. After each game, we can update it with the 'doings' in much the same line as the Anglo Saxon Chronicle did. In this way we could easily build a 'mythos' of our own. With the painting competition being about creating characters with a background and stats as much as the paint itself, other players can use these characters in their games and add to their story.

    A very interesting idea indeed!

    1. All good ideas, I like the continued narrative idea though I suspect we may not get in quite enough games for this to really take off, time would tell.

      As for coming Up North, I'd love to but browny points are currently on low ebb but climbing at the moment. I don't predict a weekend away gaming's worth for some time to come.

  2. No worries Erny - keep earning those brownie points!

    Liking the idea of the Chronicles Orlygg - I think it would have to be an occasional and loosely structured affair due to the,as Erny says, probably infrequent nature of games taking place.

    Mind you campaigning season was always in the summer with a break for the bad winter weather ;)

    Another idea - Might be nice to get our resident artist to sketch us up a map for recording where battles are taking place?