Tuesday 15 November 2011

Sticks and Stones

Hello to everyone - remember me?!

Well I'm back in the saddle again after a rather frustrating (in hobby terms) couple of months. Work seems to have been sapping all my creative energies and coupled with a dearth of free weekends lately has meant a little pause in proceedings - not to mention this little morale-sapping disaster ...

I knew there might be some problems with shrinkage on an area of this size but didn't expect the cracked ice effect I got! Answers on a postcard if you know of a clever way of rectifying this without stripping all the Woodland Scenics Realistic Water effect off the piece, along with all the painted gravel and sand beneath it....

However, I have good news! Not only have I resumed construction of the last few scenic elements required for Orc's Drift, but I also have a date set to play the scenarios back to back! All being well the weekend of the 2nd December should see Bloodbath played in its entirety with photo-laden reports of each scenario to come out in subsequent weeks - when I get round to fiddling with pics and typing it all up.

To whet your appetite here's a few shots of the now complete terrain for the Kachas Pass scenario - a small border outpost manned by Wood Elvesof Fendal Forest which guards the Kachas mountain Pass.

The idea for the log stockade walls and gate were pinched from the extremely telented Silent Invader from the LAF - so all credit and thanks to him!

The Vile Rune Tribe attack!

Various views of the main gate and compound beyond - I've made a few more of the old card buildings so the same ones don't crop up as scenery in each scenario.

The Elves are beset on all sides!

Close-up off the main gate.

Erdolas Thringal directs the defence...

Silas Meel, the Elves' Half-Orc prisoner escapes!

Fangor Gripe, The Vile Rune Chieftain, looks on as his tribe overwhelm the Wood Elf defenses...


  1. Sorry for your disaster, but couln't you turn it into an almost dried out swamp? It as the look of one.
    Best of luck,

  2. I agree with Kasper it would look very suitable as a dried out swamp. Also looking forward to the bloodbath battle report, one of my favourites

  3. Thanks for the suggestions chaps - not a bad idea, but being a stickler for the guidelines set out in the scenario, what I'm after is a small mountain lake, which at its shallowest could be waded through.

    I could of course convert this piece into a dried out swamp which will certainly come in handy for my next project (set in Lustria) and make a new lake for Orc's Drift...