Monday, 2 August 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go...

With a bucket and spade and a bloody great hammer!

Well the project rumbles ever onward and I have another unit under the belt! After a fairly intense few evenings of batch painting (don't think I missed any scabbards!) Ozrim Chardz's Engineers are ready to defend Orc's Drift...

Its taken a while to put these little fellas together - sappers seem to go a bit above what I want to pay on ebay so I got what I could and bulked out the unit with a few other chaps. Thanks go to a couple of fellow LAF'ers for helping me out here - more of which later...

So first up is Ozrim with his standard and drummer -

 I'm much obliged to Phreedh (one of the aforesaid LAF'ers), who not only supplied some fine crossbow dwarfs for the Ashak Rise deserters, but also this excellent standard bearer amd drummer for Osrim's lot - cheers mate! 

One or three of the actual sappers I managed to lay my hands on!

Lovely minis these - I'll have to get making mealie bags and makeshift barricades to do them justice!

Some fighters next - either went for a similar helmet to fit in with the sappers or at least an engineery weapon when acquiring them -

And to finish the unit off - another sapper, a ballista loader (well they're engineers too - and the orcs don't like a Ballista bolt up 'em!) and another big thankyou to Rob, also of the LAF! He sent me the very nice, if angry fellow on the right - the dwarf from one of the old Citadel Dungeon Adventurer starter sets. Thanks also for sending the little halfling archer from the same set for the Linden Way militia (only need the knights, gnome, elf mage and ranger to make the set up now - wink, wink!). Happily the Dwarf's original mace was lost back in the mists of time so I gave him an old plastic Space Ork shovel I had lying around and he fits in nicely with the other mud-pushers!

Smile for the group shot!


  1. Fantastic blog. I like how you arrange the models in little vignettes. I'm going to have fun paging through all the photos.

  2. Thanks and welcome aboard!

    Mind your tea doesn't get cold...