Thursday, 1 April 2010

Drunk as a Snart...

Continuing with my Orc's Drift project we have another character - the Druid, Ferndale Snart.

Snart can be found in the village of Orc's Drift, where he has been employed by the Grand League as a Healer, tending to the wounded from the earlier clashes with the advancing Orcs. As well as being a Druid, Snart is an inveterate alchoholic so I thought it would be fitting to house the make-shift hospital in the Rising Sun Tavern - one of the excellent old card buildings released by GW a long time ago for the various scenario packs, including Orc's Drift...

Time for a quick half...

The mini is an old Ral Partha Druid I think - not the original Citadel Ferndale mini unfortunately...

Now being a Druid, Snart is also of course a religious pacifist so the warhammer he is brandishing is only for knocking taps into hogsheads (of the beer barrel variety!), and some of the more delicate medical operations...

Snart's objective in the final scenario of Orc's Drift is to protect his patients and if that means pinching one of the carts being used in the barricade then so be it!


  1. It was only last year that I sold off my boxed copy of Orcs Drift (some pieces missing), your most recent post has brought back some very long-forgotten memories of this period of my figure and game collecting.

    I also had a sample of the Druid, part of a whole regiment of Clerics and Druids.

    I 'cut my teeth' on the GW/Citadel card buildings and sometimes regret not keeping these early buildings. I rebuilt most of them with added timber and texture.

    Thanks for the post. (And memories).


  2. My pleasure!

    Its a shame the original minis are proving rarer than rocking horse poo!

    Adding extra timbers to the buildings sounds interesting as well as sensible from a structural point of view! What did you use for texture?