Monday, 1 March 2010

How the mighty are fallen...

As I've been painting up this orc warband some bits of background story have been forming in my mind as to how and why these particular characters have collected together -

As I have a mini of Grom I thought I'd use him as such -

 Despite reports of his death during the attack on the Dwarf fortress of the Middenheim, Grom survived badly wounded underneath an enormous pile of corpses. As his infamous Goblin Guard had been defeated along with the armies he had raised in the final battle of the Goblin Wars at Mad Dog Pass, Grom had nowhere to go. Treated as an outcast and a freak, Grom's lot was a wretched one until he encountered his faithful herald, Narx the Whiner, who had joined a wandering band of Orcs. Narx now accompanies Grom with a shrill fanfare everywhere he goes, much to the annoyance of all around him.

Having lost his status as chieftain, Grom was to find new subjects in the form of the small tribe of Snotlings following the Orcs trail of destruction. These diminutive, little wretches form, in Grom's deranged mind, the beginnings of his next rise to power...

The two inebriated characters in the middle were fun to paint - including the carrot chunks and gloss varnish for a wet effect for the puke!

For my second base of snotties I thought I'd try to have them erupying out of their nest/warren!

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