Sunday, 24 January 2010

Chocs Away!

So I've finished off painting up the Silurian Pterosaur rider (please excuse the terrible lighting) and what a bugger it's been! The brown top half of the Pterosaur wasn't too bad - building up washes and highlights, and I won't dwell on the failed attempts to paint on some bold black stripes/markings on the wings...
The under belly was the real faff! Found some great pitures to support my idea for the colour scheme and I wanted to go with white underneath (harder for the prey to spot when seen against the bright sky!).

I think I got an ok suggestion of definition between the browny white of the body and a bluer white on the wings.

Haven't quite finished the base - I've just ordered some nice brass tropical foliage from Hasslefree to complete the London reclaimed by jungle look for the base - may add some greenstuff creepers as well. The cover of Blood Heat ives a good impression of what I'm after...

I may even brave putting some additional markings on the wings at some future date aussi...

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