Wednesday 16 December 2009

Saxamophone... saxamaphone...

Sorry these titles are getting worse - should stop posting at ridiculous hours in the morning!

Anyway surprise surprise more elves - well it is nearly Christmas!

Here we have the rest of the command group for Skarloc's archers - Kaia Stormwitch - the multi-talented scout/sorceress/standard bearer! The original fluff describes her thus -

Kaia carries the group's standard, which incorporates a heart-shaped casket holding the ashes of a legendary Elven Hero, Kern, son of the goddess Torothal. It adds 2 points to the unit's Ld, rather than the usual 1. Her magical atame dagger can cast up to three Lightning Bolt spells per day.

Like the idea of only three spells per day - I can remeber those epic WFB 3rd edition battles!

The daft reference in the title is in honour of Araflane Warskald and his mighty, fear-causing horn!

Some group shots -

Next up - how fast can I paint the 17 or so archers to finish the unit off...

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