Wednesday 5 August 2009

Invasion Cybermen

Just finished painting up another squad of Cybermen I got on Ebay - brings total to 24 now! Just need some sewers to put them in...

Haven't finished basing them yet - wanted to try something different to the usual covering of static grass. They are pictured here in my next painting project - some nice ruins I put together from Antenociti's Workshop - it is 20mm scenery but I don't think it is too noticeable.

As The Invasion is one of my favourite Dr Who stories I had to include a few more bad guys -

Here are some of the IE (Industrial Electromatics) jack-booted security guards - minis courtesy of Copplestone Castings' Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range -

I thought the hard hats were a particularly good match for the guards' helmets - may even add some sinister sunglasses to add a bit of variety to the models.

Here's another shot showing size comparison between them and their Cybermen "allies" - its a shame the Cybermen don't quite tower over the humans but they go pretty well together.

Please excuse the terrible lighting and photography - once they are all fully painted up I will post an update with proper photies!

Still waiting on delivery for the Tobias Vaughn and Packer look-a-likes so here are some pics to compare the minis with the real thing -

Packer would be the one in the middle -

Not exact matches but we'll see what a little paint will do!

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