Thursday 7 June 2012

Goblinoids, sir, thousands of 'em...

Oh the lengths I am going to to avoid picking up a paintbrush at the moment! I think I am definitely suffering from a bit of a painting hangover from the binge that was the LPL.

So what better tonic - fiddle about with the hundreds of unpainted minis I have squirrelled away for future/ongoing/never-ending projects. Inspired by Orlygg's "No Grand Plan", as featured on his marvellous blog -, I thought it was about time to see what I'd actually got, which in no way will further fuel my forrays into ebay to complete and add to the units I've started...

So without further ado here is my Goblinoid horde list. Hopefully this won't come across too much as a "look what I've got!" post as, for me, it'll be a good reference and something I might do for the other armies I've got building up. The entries in red are those I still need to get my hands on.

Characters and rank and file

Orc General mounted on Warboar
Heavy armour, shield, handweapon
163 points

Army standard carried by Level 10 Orc hero
mounted on Warboar
Heavy armour, shield, handweapon
131 points

Accompanied by 8 Snortas
 Light armour, shields and handweapons
216 points

Level 15 Orc hero
mounted on Wyvern
Heavy armour, lance and handweapon
273 points

Level 20 Orc shaman

3 Level 5 Orc shamans
99 points

15 Savage Orcs
Shields and handweapons
Including Standard and musician
Level 10 champion
164 points

25 Orc warriors
Light armour, shields and spears
Including Standard and musician
Level 10 champion
229 points

15 Big 'Uns
Light armour, shields and double handed weapons
Including Standard and musician
Level 15 champion
270 points

Ruglud's Armoured Orcs
Heavy armour, shields, hand weapons, halberds, crossbows!
18 troopers
Plus Standard and musician
Level 10 Champion - Gudruk Bonechewer
Level 5 Champion - Ruglud
384 points

25 Orcs warriors
Light armour, shields and handweapons
Including Standard and musician
Level 10 champion
204 points

Harboth's Orc Archers
17 Orc archers
Light armour, shields, dwarf ticklers and bows
Plus Standard and musician
Level 15 champion - Harboth
Level 5 champion - Yaskin Forit
341.5 points
(converted them into 3rd ed. points myself - were there any ever printed?)

Grom's Goblin Guard
26 troopers (4 bought so far...)
Light armour, shield and handweapons
Plus standard and musician
Level 20 champion - Grom
Level 5 champion - Crud Longbone
203 points
(converted them into 3rd ed. points myself - were there any ever printed?)

35 Gobbo's
Shields, light armour, javelins and spears
Including standard and musician
Level 15 champion
225 points

30 Goblin Sticka's
Short bows and handweapons
Including musician and standard
Level 15 champion
148.5 points

6 Goblin Fanatics
180 points

5 bases of Snotlings
spore weapons
150 points

3 Trolls
195 points


Goblin King's Chariot
King Sourgutt - 358 points
Light armour and magic rune helmet and magic ball-chain
Magic standard
Ulrista - Demon chariot - 1000 points
Total - 1358 points!
I think I may just use him as a regular goblin chariot -
99 points for chariot and crew and level 20 champion

Goblin wolf chariot with scythes
Level 10 shaman
104 points
3 Goblin battle chariots with scythes
Level 15 champion
186.5 points

20 Goblin wolf riders (12 bought so far)
Light armour, spears and short bows
Including musician and standard
Level 15 hero
313 points

Level 10 shaman
mounted on giant spider
103 points

Snotling Heavy Pump Wagon
60 points

Machineries of Destruction

Goblin stonethrower
Listed as 62 points in WFB Armies - I suspect this may be different on the back of the box, which I don't own?

with 6 crew, including Gutbug, Level 5 champion
117.5 points

Including Bruglodd, Level 10 champion
154 points

Monstrous Orc War Machine
Stonethrower with 3 crew
42.5 points

2 Orc Stonethrowers
with 4 crew
85 points

Mercenary Contingents

Giant (marauder version)
250 points


Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres
5 troopers including standard and musician
Shield, light armour and double-handed maces
Level 20 champion - Golgfag
Level 5 champion - Gart'hhud
736 points

4 Ogres
Light armour, shields and handweapons
200 points


The Mighty Throg and his Hobgoblin Despoilers of the Dark Lands
18 Mourngul Renegades, including musician and contingent standard bearer (3 more troopers to buy)
Light armour, shield and hand weapons
Level 20 hero - Throgg
Level 5 champion - Grunmunter
363 points

16 Hobyars
Including standard and Level 10 champion
Light armour, shields, hand weapons and bows
232 points

14 Hobhounds with 4 handlers
180 points

Oriental Ogre
Level 5 hero
hand weapon and flail
Light armour
102 points

2 Rocket batteries
140 Points

Half Orcs

Half Orc Mercenary commander
mounted on warhorse
Light armour, shield and hand weapon
114 points

10 Henchmen (7 to buy)
including Level 10 champion
Light armour, shields and hand weapons
139 points

Half Orc witch
Level 15 shaman
155 points

5 Bushwackers (3 to buy)
Half Orc scouts
Light armour, bows and hand weapons
70 points

Muddat's Half Orc Mercenaries (All to buy)
Light armour, shields and hand weapons
15 troopers including standard,
Level 10 hero - Muddat
Level 5 champion - Earwangle
209 points

Total - 7981.5(ish!)

I'm not sure whether this army will ever be fielded in its entirety - unless I have a whole weekend devoted to one game and a similarly masochistic opponent! It will, however, certainly provide a good pool of troops to dip into and create smaller armies and warbands.

Wish List

A few other bits and pieces I would like to include that haven't made it into the list -

Eeza Ugezod's Mothercrushers - Black Orcs are a little conspicuous in their absence from the horde. I just need to get hold of the standard, musician and champion, and stock up on enough troopers to make a goodly sized juggernaut column!

Notlob's Orc Artillery - For a little more fire support that is slightly more accurate than your average stonethrower.

Mighty Ugezod's Death Commandos - A fun annoyance unit for flank attacks - just don't tell Eeza that there's a pretender to the throne! Again I have one or two of the minis - still need Kudra Stuntysmasher, Gnar, Ushtug the Gut, Sileth Frothlip and Shylob Carcassbreath.

Ironclaw Black Orcs - Never really liked these minis but I'm coming round to their dubious charms.


  1. Now I know our brains have converged! I was just thinking about the self same post last night for my own blog. Still no reason not to join in the fun. Dread to think how long it took you to cost and put that post together though...

  2. Yes, welcome to the Hive Mind Erny!

    Definitely would like to see your list - especially with pics if you have more painted up than me as I suspect. I hope to add painted pics of each unit as they're done or when I get round to reorganising and photographing those minis that are already painted.

    Just had a new addition to the family in the form of a little black labrador puppy, so its been quite nice to potter about slowly forming the list while keeping an eye on the little fella as he gets used to his new home.

    I think the bit that took the longest was actually copying and saving the images from the Armies book!

  3. Oh - and wish I'd seen the post on Gaj's blog about the Army Builder software you can download - would have been a little simpler to compile the list...

  4. Thank you for the praise at the beginning of your post.

    I am very envious of your Orc and Goblin collection. I too would love to see it photographed and painted, but if its anything like my collection that's years away!

    Still that is all part of the fun; drawling ebay, the miniatures arriving, clean up, prep, painted and base and then photos!


  5. My pleasure sir - I just hope I'm not stealing any of your thunder!

    I think you're right about time-scale - I should start referring to this as my life's work, especially when more lead keeps trickling into the pile from ebay...

  6. I have the standard and champion from Eeza Ugezods Mothercrushers which I'm happy to trade.

    You can see some of my wants here:

    Failing that almost any 80's lead is of interest, just let me know what you have.


  7. Many thanks for the offer - definitely interested. Unfortunately I don't have anything on your wants page but I'll have a rummage to see if there is anything else I can tempt you with.

  8. Only 7900 points? For a second I thought you were a serious orcs&goblins collector, but I guess I was mistaken...

    Tell you what I really like about the list is that the characters are largely equipped with mundane kit - very few magical things here. Imagine an 8th ed 7900 point army?

    Nice one.

  9. Hi there! I've couple of Ironclaw Black Orcs hanging around my drawer and would be willing to let them go. If I recall correctly, I've got six of 'em + couple of Marauder's Black Orcs. If you're interested, mail me (izecolt ( a )

  10. Yeah, sorry to let the side down Gaj! ;)

    Mind you I wonder whether there are any characters in 8th ed that weigh in at an eye-waterig 1358 points like old King Sourgutt and his demon chariot?! Only counted him in as a regular 99 point chariot and hero - just check out the crazy rules for him -
    Nice to know they threw in the goblin driver (who is redundant anywya!) in the 1000 points cost of the demon chariot! To be fair there are some very funny and characterful touches thrown in as well as some serious weaknesses.

    As for magic weapons - I always forget to figure them into combat so usually don't bother with them - never been a fan of the super, tooled-up mega hero either way. Might get round to giving the odd major charater a magic blade or shield here or there but too many and its just not cricket! Plus, what self respecting Orcy horde goes round with a load of poncy wizardy weapons?

    Thanks Izecolt - I will definitely be in touch. :)

  11. Best post or thread title I've read in a while!
    I lolled.

  12. Yep - still got Zulu on the brain after Orc's Drift :)

    which I still need to finish off...