Thursday, 31 May 2012

Why I need a new set of brushes...

... apart from the fact that I should probably take better care of them -

In my defense, they did take a bit of a beating over the ten weeks of the LPL.

A bit late in the day for the old LPL" look what I did" shot, but I have my suspicions that my 2 year daughter has "tidied" my camera up somewhere - been looking for it for a couple of weeks now. As the poor old minis have been sat on the table, posed and ready to go for a similar amount of time, I felt I owed it to them to sort it out. Finally got round to borrowing a camera from work - hence the pics in this and the last post I've put up.

Hopefully I might find it in the next few days as I have a week off work and plan to photograph and post the final installment of Orc's Drift...


  1. Dude you must be stoked at the sheer quantity of work in ten weeks!

    Feeling burnt out or more enthused than ever?

  2. Thanks - it is quite satisfying seeing them altogether.

    Burnt out or enthused... well I haven't painted anything except for the Slann mini in the last post!

    I have, however, come into possession of most of Karnac's Lizardman raiders,. which might get me going again... Anyone got a spare standard bearer or musician?

    Quite tempted by the newest 4a goblins I also got recently, not to mention the other 5 I've had primed and ready to go for about a year now! Be nice to see them as a small unit.

  3. Great haul Steve! You had some truly stunning entries this year, in particular Kremlo and those creepy crawlies. Completely forgot about doing a shot like that myself. Expect to see one... in a not too distant future. Like, in a few weeks. Or months.

  4. Cheers Mattias - really enjoyed your entries too.

    Sort of makes the pain all worth while don't it!