Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wishful thinking...

Having enjoyed reading Orlygg's wish list of his 10 most desired citadel miniatures (and smiling a little smugly because I own a few of them like the Marauder Giant, Wyvern and Ambull - gnashing my teeth at selling my Nurgle palanquin a few years back...) I thought I'd flesh out the list I posted as a comment here.

So here is my absolute Top 10 Citadel miniatures I'd sell a kidney (perhaps not mine) to own:

10 - The Dragon Masters

I think this box set was on the same shelf as the Orc War Wyvern I picked up many years ago in the little model shop somewhere in Manchester, where I went very occasionally with some saved up pocket money. I always intended picking this set up as adversaries for my Orcs but alas it was never to be. I always liked the fact that you got a second character mounted on a horse - great set!

9 - Elven Attack Chariot

Surprisingly this is the second Elf entry in my list as I've always been more of an Orc and Goblin fan. However, having just run an inventory on the Wood Elf Warhost I've been slowly putting together for some years, this fantastic mini is very conspicuous in its absence.

8 - Goblobber

Can't remember which year's Golden Demon it was, but one of my favourite ever entries was a converted version of this Dwarf warmachine. It was entitled Revenge and involved the Dwarf crew getting their much deserved come-uppance by being turned into ammunition for their own catapult by some rather pissed off Orcs - oh yeah and its a really cool mini as well!

7 - The Citadel Giant
A whole load of lovely lead. As it says on the Stuff of Legends site - One of the two most sought after citadel pieces - 'nough said.

6 - Fimir

Ever since playing Heroquest these evil cyclopean monsters have captured my imagination. How I would love to have a small skirmishing force but alas the high prices they command will probably keep them just out of reach. I'll just have to live vicariously through Mr Saturdays afore-mentioned fimir army project.

5 - Villagers and townsfolk

Quite a big one this as there's loads of them and they don't often seem to come cheap. Why do I like them even though they're fairly useless in terms of gsming? Because they're fairly usesless in terms of gaming! I suppose it was Orc's Drift that turned me onto them as they lend such flavour to the Linden Way scenario. Not to mention the minis are all full of character. One of my vague ideas is to build the inn that was featured in one of the old White Dwarfs at the time and populate it with drunks, staff and various other hangers on.

Whilst browsing around on Stuff of Legends I came across the section on WFRP character minis. As I'm currently participating in a play by post version of The Oldenhaller Contract as a warmup for The Enemy Within (link if I haven't mentioned it before - I was most excited to find miniature versions of the characters our group are playing - Kirsten, Malmir, Harbull, Wanda, Werner and my character, Johann, are all pictured here - Seems they've all been moonlighting in the Death on the Reik scenario! 
Handsome devil 'aint he! 

4 - The Zombie Dragon

This is another favourite that was inspired by White Dwarf. Again, I can't remember which issue it was, but there was an undead army featured. Among the many fine and fetid offerings was this fabulous miniature, which if I remember correctly had been slightly converted to have a marauder skeleton armed with a two-handed sword as a rider. If I get my hands on this it will definitely go nicely with my plastic skeletons from the old Skeleton Army boxed set that have survived years of storage surprisingly well...

3 - Orc's Drift Character
 I'm going to blame this one on Gaj, of Warhammer for Adults fame, who is currently nearing Citadel scenario pack nirvana in that he nearly has all the scenario character models to play Terror of the Lichemaster. His dedication to the task has humbled me and I now feel the need to plug the gaps in my own collection of Orc's Drift characters - most notably Ozrim Chardz and Hagar Sheol to go for ourageously high prices. I mean we're talking about hundreds of pounds!
I fear these little lead men will probably become my Moby Dick - forever dooming me to rummage fruitlessly through Bring and Buy's and ebay for that seller who doesn't know what he's got and has priced them at 99p each...
What I'm still after:
Osrim Chardz
Ferndale Snart
Mayor Leofwine - only ever seen one on sale
Hagar Sheol
All the villagers except the baker and busker
King Fy'ar and his wyvern

2 - Slann Wizard with Bearers
As I'm currently putting together a Slann force this is a bit of a no-brainer, although having read the entry on Slann wizards in the Armies book there is now a practical reason as well. Apparently, as Slann wizards are extrememely spiritual creatures, they believe that touching the floor with their  feet leads to spiritual pollution and the destruction of their magical abilities. So basically unless I get a palanquin my Slann magic users will be limited to Level 1 spells only!

1 - Hobgoblin mounted on Temple Dog

This would make the perfect General for my growing force of Hobgoblin mercenaries. I've seen Temple dogs with Samurai riders go for a fair whack on ebay before and there was the first and only Hobgoblin rider I've ever seen, which was by itself and still sold at a high price. Not seen one since so they must be rather rare...

So there we have it - my wishlist. I'll be a happy man if I ever get round to ticking them all off!

There were a few also-rans who didn't quite make the top ten -

Huscarl - the last mini I need to complete the Kremlo scenario set.

C29 Hydra

 Dragon Ogre

Tom Meier's Troglogytes

 The Nightmare Legion


  1. A great list there Thantsants.

    I see its my turn to smile smugly as I have the Goblobber and the Nightmare Legion in my own collection.

    I had never seen the hobgoblins on temple dogs though! Love them. Going to have one of those to my extended wishlist now!

  2. Dragons dragon masters x2 check.
    Attack chariot check.
    Goblobber check.
    Enemy within characters, check ( well 2/3 of them).
    Zombie Dragon check.
    Slann wizard with bearers x2 check, animal handler and beasts check.
    Nightmare legion check.

    OK naughty showing off aside great list and besides you have loads of stuff I really want! Amazons fore one and your scenario characters.

  3. Some great choices there. I'm lucky enough to have the zombie dragon, nightmare legion, dragon ogre and I managed all the fimir before the prices went crazy!

    I'd love the villagers too, great set.

  4. This is why I just go to the GW store and buy all the new stuff, it's so much more convenient then bidding and hoping you'll see your favourites show up for a decent price some day. Still, I admire your dedication, and good luck!

  5. Cheers Orlygg - I'm getting concerned at how much I'm willing to fork out on rare minis - still kicking myself that I didn't have more of a pop at the hobgoblin rider I saw on ebay and that went for about £16!

    Erny - you know you can really go off some people ;)
    Mind you it sounds like you've got a few spares in that collection of yours! Very nice too.

    Good work nabbing those fimir Mr Saturday - mind you you're doing a great job converting your own too.

    Fungus - That is definitely the sensible option. Mind you no pain - no gain. All the fun is in the hunt - afterwards you have to paint the damn thing!

  6. It's a slippery slope the ebay. I need a veritable pile of hobgoblins, and boy, are they expensive.

    I'm enjoying this post so much I may just nab the idea for my own blog!

  7. Please do - its not mine. I pinched it off Orlygg's blog!

    Were those the 90's hobgoblins that came out with the new version of Chaos Dwarves?

  8. Splendid.

    They are indeed. I thought the chaos dwarves were pricey until I went looking for hobgoblins. I'm not a fan of the big hat dwarves of the 90's, I'm more a spiky stunty man, but the 90's hobgobs, them, I like.

  9. Fair enough - the big hats weren't to my taste either, but we'd best not mention the old marauder line - wouldn't mind tracking a few of them down...

    I'm surprise those hobgoblins are so priocey - never would have predicted that when they came out.

  10. Ah, the Marauder chaos dwarves. Only one more and I have the lot of them...

  11. Nice one - actually Marauder did a lot of absolutely cracking minis. I'd really like a set of those Giant Ogres myself.

  12. You might like this then:

    No bidding, just one set price, and not "hundreds of pounds" as you wrote ;) Hope it helps!

  13. Good spot and thanks for the tip - still know what the wifey would say about dropping that much on one mini ;)