Monday, 11 June 2012

Elven Warhost of the Woods

Another Army List for your delectation - this time my Wood Elves, which I started hunting for on ebay when I first got back into the hobby a few years back. Having a fair few Orcs in my possession I felt I needed some opponents and had always liked the Skarloc's Elf archers minis, so mind made up I set about hoovering up lots of lovely old Jes Goodwin Elves. Then I got a bit distracted by other things and most of them ended up sitting in a box for a long while...

Until now, when I got them out counted them up to remind myself of what I had and put them back again for a rainy day!

Anyway here's the list, done the old fashioned way as the wife would have killed me if I forked any more money out for the Army builder program after having a bit of a splurge on several Goblin chariots and a load of Fighting Fantasy game books I just had to have over the weekend...

Again, I've gone light on the magic weapons and standards as this is really to catalogue what I've got, focus myself on what else I want and give me a rough idea of points values.

Characters and Rank and File

Wood Elf General - Level 25 Hero
Mounted on barded Warhorse
Light armour, bow, hand weapon
224 points

Army Standard Bearer - Level 10 hero
Mounted on barded Warhorse
Light armour, shield, lance and handweapon
153 points

5 Elven Lords
Mounted on barded Warhorses
Light armour, shields, lances and hand weapons
195 points

5 (3 to buy) Wood riders
Spear, hand weapon, shield and longbow
230 points

 Level 20 Elf Wizard
Mounted on Warhorse
hand weapon
315 points

Level 10 Sorceress
on foot
118 points

Level 15 Hero
Mounted on Giant Eagle
Light armour, lance, handweapon and bow
210 points

Zoat Level 15 Wizard
275 points

Zoat Warrior
Double-handed weapon
60 points

20 Wood Elf Guards
Light armour, shield, long bow and hand weapons
Including standard, musician and Level 15 champion
- Light armour, shield and hand weapon
440 points

15 Lord's Bowmen
Light armour, long bows and handweapons
Including standard, musician and Level 5 champion
- Light armour and double-handed weapon
248 points

20 Warrior Kinband
Light armour, spears and hand weapons
Including standard, musician and Level 10 champion
268 points

22 Warrior Kinband
Light armour, shields, spears and hand weapons
Including standard, musician and Level 10 champion
344 points

15 Warrior Kinband - 3 to buy

Swords, shields and light armour
Including standard, musician and champ
277 points

Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers
13 Wood Elf Gladerunners
Shields, Longbows and handweapons
Musician - Arafane Warskald
 Level 15 Sorceress and standard bearer - Kaia Stormwitch
Glam - Wardancer
Skarloc - Level 15 Hero
614 points

12 Archers
Long bows, shields and handweapons
144 points

10 Wardancers
Double-handed weapons and light armour

Monsters and beasts

Giant Eagle
75 points

2 Treemen
560 points

6 Beast Handlers
6 wild cats, 11 hunting dogs,
3 wild boar, 1 bear


1 Heavy Chariot crewed by 4 Wainlords
1500 points

Total Points 4296

Other significant wants:
Dragon Masters
Oreon's Wood Elf Archers
Shape changers - any suitable citadel minis will do for this
Marauder Treemen

Only a skirmishing force I know - but its a start!


  1. 4000 points is hardly small. How are you working out the points for Kaia? Doubling her point cost or adding on the cost of another glade guard as effectively it is just a unit standard?

    I've been messing about with my dark elf list but I guess I'm going to have to go woodies next.

  2. I always loved Wood Elves in 3rd ed. 4000 points eh? That would cost a fair whack to put together these days.

  3. Erny - yeah not a bad sized army - the skirmish comment was more in response to Gaj's assertion that I wasn't a proper Orc and Goblin collector, only managing to scrape together 8000 points of them ;) As for Kaia I've added her in as a Level 15 sorceress - think I may have forgotten to take the magic standard into account, and her dagger that shoots lightning bolts! Would love to see your list - I'm sure it'll be a who's who of Jes Goodwin goodness. Must get around to photographing the minis making these units up - be nice to see them slowly grow and get painted up.

    On the subject of translating points costs of Regiments of Renown from 2nd to 3rd ed anyone konw off the top of their heads how stats and point values of 2nd ed. major and minor heroes correspond to the various levels in 3rd ed?

    Thanks Lead Legion - most of this was bought on ebay in 2009 - - seem to remember it did cost me a bob or two!

  4. My Elf Chariot is currently having a Dettol bath. Im not going to bring him out until I finish off my Elf Cavalry. Then theres the 10 Zoats that need some love and my Dragon Masters figure is hiding somewhere... It never ends when your a wood elf fanatic...

  5. Wow - signed up to your blog and that's quite a cavalry force you've got there!

    Isn't having so many zoats in one place one of the first signs of the apocalypse? ;)