Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Baron Kraust's Band of Lost Souls

Well I seem to be turning procrastination into a higher art form! Here's hnother army list instead of some painted minis. This one, however, has had a bit of fleshing out and a back story thought out for it - I'll be lavishing the same treatment on my Orc and Elf armies when I get round to it.

The Baron's army came about as a result of the smattering of chaos minis I had bought on a whim and the remnants of the old Skeleton army box set that were still knocking around in my collection. The Chaos warrior in bone armour (seen posing on the ridge in the pic to the left!) inspired me to join the two forces together - and hopefully save me a bit of money by getting 2 armies for the price of one!

If you missed the Baron first time round here's a little reminder -

So on with the list - this time I have gone to town a bit with the magic items as it seems to fit in more with the character of the army.

Major Characters and Rank and File

Baron Kraust
Level 25 Necromancer
2 handed weapon (Parasitic blade) and chaos armour
400 points


3 units of 10 Death Riders
Each unit includes a Level 15 Skeleton hero and standard bearer
Shields, lances and hand weapons
Total points - 328

Undead Chariot with wheel scythes
Crew have handweapons, shields and include a level 10 skeleton hero
167 points

20 Skeleton Warriors
Handweapons and shields
Level Hero and standard bearer
278 points

10 Grim Reapers
 Level 10 champion
120 points

12 Skeleton WarriorsHand weapons and shields
Level 10 hero and standard
187 points

16 Skeleton Archers
Bows and light armour
224 points

20 Zombies (1 bought so far!)
Level 10 Undead hero
138 points

Undead Giant
Haven't seen any 3rs ed. stats or points value for this so have used regular Giant's stats.
250 points

2 Screaming Skull Catapults
170 points

Ethereal Host

3 Wraiths
450 points

200 points

Chaos Allies

Chaos Knight Contingent Leader
Chaos steed, barding
Heavy armour, shield, hand weapon and lance
289 points

4 Mounted Chaos Warriors (2 to source)
Warhorses, barding
Heavy armour, shields, lances and hand weapons
Magic Standard
657 points

Level 10 Chaos Sorcerer
85 points

5 Chaos Centaurs
Double handed weapons and light armour
Level 10 Champion
324 points

10 Beastmen
Hand weapons, shields and standard
Level 10 Beastman champion
Heavy armour and two handed weapon
242 points

2 Minotaurs
Hand weapons
80 points
11 Thug Archers
Light armour, bows, hand weapons
Musician and standard
Marauder Champion - light armour, pistol and two handed weapon
171 points
10 Thugs
Light armour, shields and hand weapons
Chaos Warrior champion - heavy armour, shield and hand weapon

13 Monks of the Red Redemption
Hand weapons and shields
Champion, Standard bearer and musician
170 points
14 Chaos Dwarfs
Heavy armour, shields and hand weapons
Level 10 hero, standard and musician
409 points
Beastmaster and 3 Chaos Hounds
86 points
Chaotic Host -
200 points

 200 points

200 points 

Basilisk - I have the mini but can't find any mention of it in the 3rd ed. bestiary or Army book. May be being a bit blind so if anyone knows any stats for this beastie let me know - otherwise I'll just make my own up.

2 mutant Ogres
Hand weapons/flail
84 points

Dark Elf Allies

Dark Elf Sorceror
Level 10 - Contingent commander
118 points

5 Dark Elf Doomdrakes (2 to source)
Light armour, shields, hand weapons, lances and repeating crossbows
Level 10 champion and standard bearer
347 points

The Dark Elves may turn into their own little skirmishing force - been quite tempted by the marauder Dark and Witch Elves for a while now...

Total Points value -  (quite fittingly almost!) 6600 points


  1. Great figure for the Baron. I also use the model as a necromancer for my undead forces

    1. Nice list. I may have missed it but shouldn't the skeletal champions has magical weapons even just basic no trait ones?

      Do you really have 30 death riders?

  2. Cheers Scotty - great minds obviously think alike!

    You're right Erny - I missed that myself - not that familiar with the Undead.

    I do indeed have 30 death riders - only thing is they're the plastic ones from the skeleton army box set!