Sunday 29 April 2012

Death by Snu-Snu!

We need rest. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.

 In the words of the Galaxy's premier Starship Captain, Zap Brannigan - the best way for a man to go...

Anyway - away from Futurama (the funniest reference I could find to Amazons) and back to Lustria and my Round 8 entry -

 I've been looking forward to and dreading painting these ladies up for some time now. Dreading because of all the little details on them and my indescision over a colour scheme - looking forward because they'll be right at the centre of my sequel to the Magnificent Sven, oh and I love the minis.

As for the colour scheme - I ended up going with ideas taken from Aztec and Mayan warrior costumes, oh and the front cover of the second Citadel Compendium! I did have highfalutin ideas of copying some Amazonian Indian tattoos and body paint designs until time got the better of me. It was at this point that I remembered reading something about Amazons and a little thing called Dungeonpunk...

 Cue Zhu and his fantastic blog for a lot of the inspiration here - this post in particular

 must have wormed its way into my psyche as I was suddenly inspired to give the ladies their OTT eyeshadow.

Anyway enough blabber - here's the close-ups -

Koka Kalim - religious zealots and fanatical worshippers of Rigg, Amazon Goddess of War. The narcotic Koka is an important part of their religious observances and they are constantly within its grip. Deprived of normal. Deprived of normal sensory functions they can overcome great pain and have little aversion to blood, slaughter or death. Their state of mind meks them very edgy, unpredictable, irrational and strung out. They make ideal fanatic warriors. - Second Citadel Compendium

Koka Kalim warrior with throwing knives

Koka Kalim with Bolt Pistol (Inherited and carefully conserved Old Slann technology)

Amazon Bodyguard - personal retinue to the Amazon Nobility

Bodyguard with bow

Amazon Noblewoman

The beast who's hide provides the cloak will be revealed next week...

Your average Josephine - an Amazon Tribeswoman

I can also happily announce that I am now (Royal Mail willing) the proud owner of at least one, and in some cases more, of all of the Amazon minis in the range :)

Much more on these feisty ladies later


  1. Fantastic! Lovely use of colour, really vivid and fun!

  2. Cheers Michael - they were a good excuse to use the gaudier paints that usually gather dust behind the dark greens, greys and tans on my desk!

  3. Excellent stuff. Nice to see some Amazon models that are dressed as well, and not running into battle with half their underwear on.

  4. Excuse me for the intermission: I got a Liebster Award for you ;)

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  5. Many thanks for the thought Endakil - I'll be posting a response shortly...