Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fish Out of Water

Hello all - another week and another LPL entry. This time I've gone for a little change to the usual 80's vintage citadel, in the form of Four A Miniature's excellent Sea Demons, sculpted by Paul Muller.

These are great minis and a superb addition to the range Andy stocks at Four A - I have the brilliant Piranha boy and another demon who didn't quite make it into my entry because of time. Some time I must also get round to finally painting up the other five Kev Adams goblins I bought ages ago!

Not sure how I'm going to use these little gribblies in game terms yet - just really liked the look of them. Probably means I'm going to have to expand the little scenic set I made for my competition pic into a table top set-up...


  1. I really love these! I've just seen that they do a wonderful creature from the black lagoon! Fantastic work and a great tip off, many thanks.

  2. Thanks Michael - that creature is excellent and is another piece I'm quite tempted by.

    Must get round to painting up the swamp hounds I also bought from them ages ago...