Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Awards, memes and common obsessions...

Firstly, many thanks to Endakil for his most kind and flattering nomination of a Liebster Award for my blog - very much appreciated I assure you. However, I'm struggling a bit with the stipulations it comes
with - namely to link back and forth to various other favourite blogs of mine.

My problem - I can't choose! I should also say, at the risk of sounding like a churlish ingrate that I'm not mad keen on the whole chain letter aspect of the award and wouldn't want to pass it on to anyone else who'd have similar difficulties.

I did go through my reading list in a vain attempt at picking out some favourites before I gave it up as a hopeless task and this got me thinking about a few things. Well one in particular actually, which is the number of like-minded souls taking to blogosphere and documenting their own obsessions with Citadel miniatures of a certain vintage and certain editions of Warhammer. I'll not list them all here as they should appear on my blog list - let me know if there's any glaring omissions!

Its most encouraging to see the rot spreading in this manner - inspiration and nostalgia galore! Also having signed up for a place in Erny's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign, The Enemy Within, and having enjoyed reading the reports of game conducted over the web at Gaj's site, Warhammer for Adults, I might even go as far as saying it feels like there's a little online community brewing...

And while I'm busy getting all dewy-eyed over the Oldhammer-based bonhomie around here, I'd best raise a glass to all the none GWA members (Games Workshop Anonymous) whose blogs I enjoy reading - thankyou for showing us there is life after Citadel! ;)

Finally, and as there's no pics on this post, I had to jump on the old "Your blog as an 80's fantasy Zine" bandwagon, started by Coopdevil on his great blog Fighting Fantasist.

 I'm being a bit of a charlatan here mind, as I never bought one of these things at the time - nearest I got was going down to the newsagents for my copy of White Dwarf!

Anyhow, really liked the images everyone else has come up with so thought  I'd have a go to...


  1. Speaking of the oldhammer community, I started a blog last month about warhammer second edition:

    P.S. really enjoy your blog, and old school warhammer blogs in general.

  2. Thanks - added your to the list :)