Wednesday, 11 April 2012

An Army of Frogs...

... Which is what a group of frogs is acually called, if you believe the interwebz. And for all of you now turning your thoughts to what a group of toads is referred to - I can reveal it is a knot of toads.

Well now today's lesson is concluded here's the pics - nothing new I'm afraid, just some more detail shots of all the Slann I've got painted up so far.

Slann Braves

Cold One Rider

Assorted Heralds, Palace Guard, Spearmen and Warriors

Slave Master and Lobotimised Human Slaves

And the whole lot together


  1. Wonderful! I love the colour schemes, very Amazonian tree frogesque!

  2. Cheers - liking the use of frogesque!

    Having painted lots and lots of green Orcs last year, this was a nice excuse to paint in loads of bright colours for a change.

    Talking of Amazons - they're next in the paint queue - just trying to come up with some kind of colour scheme for them. They're going to be an odd mix of Aztec style dress, Amazonian Indian body paint and European skin tones. Sounds odd but they are a strange bunch in the background of Lustria - hope these disparate influences sit together ok...

  3. Nice one Thantsants, great looking froggies. Did I spot the fellow I sent you in there?

  4. I'm not that quick! Same mini but not the one you sent - he arrived yesterday, so many thanks for that. :)

    I'll have to come up with something a bit different for his colour scheme - maybe something a bit fimirry by way of thanks...

  5. A fimirry slann? That I must see.

  6. I am so jealous of your collection! I would love to have a bunch of the old lizardmen pieces. Wonderful paint work, very crisp and fun looking :)

  7. Oh, nice lot that! Really like all your freehand stuff, you're really good at it - especially compared to me who can't even draw an eye of sauron on a shield to save his life! =(

  8. Mr S - as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I was thinking along the lines of your Fimir fleshtone and maybe pinching some of your warpaint designs!

    Thanks Adeptgamer - I wish the wife felt the same way each time I hit that pay by paypal button...

    Thanks Phreedh - its quite nice to have a bit more artistic license after all those Orcs! I have also become quite good at straight lines in my own humble opinion as you'll see on Sunday ;)

  9. Ha ha - well I'd best get on and do it so I'm not the one blushing ;)

    - once I'm done with the Amazons currently on my desk...