Wednesday, 18 April 2012

We happy not so few anymore....

Woohoo - roll out the bunting, tickertape and strike up the band - Welcome to my 100th follower Grimsi Grogs - great name by the way!

Although I didn't necessarily embark on this endeavour as a popularity contest, I'm glad there are those my ramblings have struck a chord with.

Thanks one and all, and to mark the occasion I've gathered a few old friends together...

100 of them to be precise!

May have to retake the pic at some point - bit rushed last night as my folks were over...

Edit - 

So reshot the pic - hopefully its a little clearer.
Also added a couple of tags ;)



  1. If this was Facebook we could all tag ourselves in the picture :)

  2. Can I be the Zoat on the right?

  3. I love your collection! Absolutely jealous!

  4. Well done that man; glad to be one of the 100!

  5. Nice idea Kaptain!

    So Adeptgamer is the Space Zoat and Knobgobble is the Ambull (hmm maybe I should do more Rogue Trader stuff - seems to be popular ;) Any more requests?

    Cheers Justin - apologies for feelings of envy and any other side effects!

    Thanks Michael - glad to have you along.

  6. Congrats on reaching the 100! Always lots of good eye candy to look at on the blog so it's no wonder you've garnered that many followers

  7. gra·tu·i·tous/grəˈt(y)o͞oitəs/

    1. Uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted.
    2. Given or done free of charge.

    This, sir, is like a gratuitous sex scene in a movie. I find myself appalled by the state of the internet, what with such displays of lead porn as these! Where are the humble collectors - those who, satisfied with their lot, keep their collection under lock and key, show them embarrassingly after much pressure?

    Think of poor Justin, now feeling wholly inadequate? What about the other 99 of us? How could we possibly count ourselves as collectors in the face of this onslaught?

    I'll be the Chaos Spawn.

    P.S. Here's to the next 100!

  8. The next 100 figures, that is ;)

  9. Nice pic. Great way to celebrate your hundreth post.

  10. Thanks Kingsley and Lead Legion - should be some more Lustrian themed eye-candy coming up this weekend...

    Sorry Gaj - dunno what came over me.
    Must have been reaching the heady heights of 100 that did it!

    Good job you couldn't see the display cabinet as well... ;)

    - oh and by Chaos Spawn did you mean the Bederken Dwerg with the scorpion tail sticking out of his derriere?

  11. Great pictures and congratulations on reaching 100