Sunday, 1 April 2012

Slaving away...

Another LPL entry and another addition to the Slann forces for Return of the Magnificent Sven.

This time we have a sinister albino Slann slavemaster and four of his unfortunate lobotomised charges, along with a couple more Slann braves armed with blowpipes.

As the warband is meant to represent the remnants of Gurg'll Greenwake's gang of renegades and survivors of various tribes, I've continued with the varied skin tones and patterns - plus they're more fun to paint that way! 


  1. Really nice work. I loved the old Slann armies, before they made Slann fat lazy lumps and made lizardmen the be-all and end-all.

  2. Gasp! Slann lobotomised slaves! Thantsants, what a gem on a Monday morning. If slann armies still looked this way, I'd be sore tempted. Great stuff.

  3. Cheers guys - agreed on that Lead Legion! I think to redress the balance I need to paint up a unit of downtrodden old-school Lizardmen levies - pressed unwillingly into the Slann Empire's service!

    Thanks Mr S - glad to liven up your Monday. Just need to remortgage the house to enlarge my collection - would love to get hold of some of the later slotta minis...

  4. Well, on that note, I think I have a pre-slotta slann brave tucked away somewhere if you're interested?

  5. Reckon I might be!

    Let me know if there's anything you're after trading - other than £'s!

    1. Why do I always end up collecting the same stuff as you at the same time. Just got six slotta slaves for a tenner! Making my total 12 if you count the 4 litter bearers. But the preslotta ones always seam to go for much more.

      Anyway nice slann, I actually like you are going just preslotta on these, it's a different look that really works together.

  6. Nothing comes to mind, there are one or two of the old night horrors I'm still on the look out for, but there's no need really, that slann will only sit sadly in my man cave until the day I decide to do an old school slann army, which will probably be the far side of never. Send me on your address Thants, and I'll send him on!

  7. Most kind of you Mr S :)

    Afraid I don't have any Night Horrors so I'll just have to paint him up nicely and get him posted asap by way of thanks!

    Nice one Erny - we do seem to clash on ebay now and again! That was quite a bargain for those slaves - I'm still on the look out for another 5 or so myself, and the palanquin would be nice, if pricey, to get hold of too... ;)

  8. Comparing bargains, eh? =) I got the three Olley harpies for a measly £1.50. One of them is missing his wings though, which will probably cost me an arm and a leg to replace!

    My favourite of those slann is the yellow and black to the left. Go Steve, I want to see more slann here too. =)

  9. Hmm nice - shame about the wings mind. Didn't I see those painted up somewhere? I think my best bargain was a mint, in the box, never been painted Leadbelcher for about a fiver!

    The yeller one came out quite nice thanks - it'll be Karl Ustracutter and his Norse berserkers along with some Amazons next. The rest of the Slann, Cold One Riders and Slann Warhounds might have to wait till after the LPL...