Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Druid Snart

A while back I entered several collections of miniatures into the monthly painting challenges that JustJohn has been running over on the Oldhammer forum.
To spare my blushes I'm not going to mention which months' challenges I entered them - suffice to say that the plan was to paint 20 strong unit of Norsemen, Druid Snart and the original King F'yar mounted on his Wyvern in time for the Bring Out Your Lead event down at Foundry we had at the end of the summer hols!
Anyhow, I'm afraid the Norsemen and F'yar still languish in base coat purgatory, but Snart got finished a while back.
Here are the pics I've been meaning to post up for some time now...

Only the villagers and the more expensive Orc and Dwarven personalities needed to complete the set now...


  1. Great work with his face. I love his nose :)

    1. Cheers Blacksmith - thought a touch of red might be appropriate for this old drunkard!

  2. What a great mini - so much character! /Hans

  3. A splendid character..... has a touch of the Bacchus or Silenus about him.

  4. Super druid .I had forgotten that figure.I think I removed the staff from the one I had and gave him a standard.Sadly he is long gone from theses parts.A different take on druid as a figure by the manufacturer and one that works well.

  5. This druid is really full of life, a pinkish nose who certainly fit !
    This green/white colourscheme really enhance the pagan aspect of this guy.

    Very good job !

  6. I can see Snart leaning out the jailhouse window...
    Snart: "Don't you realize??!! Can't You see??!! You're all going to DIE!!!!!!!!!"
    Dwarf Colour Sargeant,: "Now, Mister Snart, There's a good'll upset the lads."
    Snart looks a good deal more cheerful than the tormented Mr. Witt, though.
    Fun figure and great paint job. agree with the the rosy blush.

  7. Thanks muchly one and all - Bacchus was definitely in the frame when I was painting him!

    Mouse - I reckon he might get a bit tetchy if that Colour Sergeant had confiscated his bottle!