Monday, 4 March 2013

The Beautiful Game...

... if you like a bit of depraved violence and complete anarchy!

Yes Sports Fans, welcome to the latest team, fresh in from the Darklands to start a new season - the Wasteland Wanderers!

You said it Bob! Well lets get right down to business. This bloodthirsty bunch are headed up by Star Linesman, Tuern Redvenom renowned for his low down dirty tricks and pathological hatred of pretty much all other living beings!

Yes Sirree Jim, that's one Elf with a whole lot of attitude! His team mates aren't much better. You don't want the ball if known assassin and ref-killer, Horkon Heartripper is on your tail...

You got that right Bob, he's a cold blooded killer alright, and the fans love him! Lets see about the rest of the team...

So I got my Dark Elf team finished and I'm quite happy with how they turned out - dark and evil with a splash of colour.

You may notice that I've recruited the old 1st ed(?) Dark Elf mini to be a Star Player and assassin from 3rd/4th ed. Tuern Redvenom may well become the star player, Hubris Rakarth, or at least use his stats. That's because these chaps will be facing off against the Golden Boars at the end of the month and we will be using the later rules set to play.

This means I'll be using these Catchers and Throwers as linemen -

... along wth these guys.

The kicker on the end will become a Runner - supported here by three Blitzers

Not forgetting the lovely ladies of the Wanderers own Cheerleading Troupe - the Wastrelles.

Also on the cards will be a Witch Elf or two, possibly an actual Assassin (Marauder minis) and a wizard - shown here in an earlier WIP photo.

Oh and I'd best paint up the old Astrogranite pitch too!


  1. Yeah! Love the cheerleaders and T. Redvenom. Always thought he could be converted into a fantastic champion or general for WFB. I've never played Bloodbowl, but I've always been interested in getting into it...

    1. Thanks Mouse - they were fun to paint. I reckon you're right about Redvenom. Perhaps a big billowing cloak would give him a little more presence?

  2. Ditto in that I have never played Bloodbowl. Great figures and colour scheme.

    1. Cheers Springisfield, until now I've only really played the computer game so I'll be glad to do it properly in a few weeks time...

      Hopefully I can get some decent in-game shots without slowing the play down too much and get a report posted.

  3. Superb, this match will be anything but friendly

    1. Aha, my erstwhile opponent! Hope your boys like the taste of Astrogranite!