Saturday, 16 March 2013

Heroes in a Half Shell

Right another WIP here - having finished my Blood Bowl team (still got the pitch to do) I thought I'd wrap up a few more loose ends before plunging into preparations for the Oldhammer Weekend in the summer.

I got into a great discussion on the LAF about using Eureka's Turtle Tank with Four A's fantastic Goblins. Huge thanks to fellow LAF'er Scurv for sorting me out with said Turtle, minus the Turtle warrior crew and at a very reasonable price too.

On a more personal note I also need to thank Scurv for very kindly taking my brother and his mate, who are taking a year out travelling round Australia at the moment, under his wing, providing accomodation and other assistance and some excellent nights out I gather! If you're reading this and ever find yourself in the UK as far North as York I'd be happy to repay the favour.

Anyhow - here's a few shots of the Turtle Tank and its new owners -

There's a few conversions although I use the term lightly as I really only repositioned a few legs and arms and swapped a spear head for a ramrod.

The Blowpipe armed Goblin had his arm moved up to make it look more like a telescope in his new role as spotter and Anti-Aircraft gunner!

I need to add some reigns and a bit to connect the turtle's mouth to the axe wielding driver in the middle.

Painting has commenced since I took these pics - we'll see how far I get this weekend. Unfortunately the photo of the latest Goblin set didn't come out well but I have those to finish off too - got as far as base coating them...

So they're becoming quite a little force to be reckoned with, with more releases to look forward to as long as Andy's sale goes well at Four A. If you haven't taken advantage yet of the Mean in Green deal on all three sets of Goblins and the Something Fishy deal on the Sea Demons, I suggest you get over there and get them while they're hot!


  1. That looks superb! I shall be keeping an eye on this. Of course, now I suddenly find I need a war tortoise...

  2. If anything is old hammer this is oldhammer.

    1. Cheers Erny - might even bring this lot down as a warband - allied with Dave King's Bederken perhaps.

  3. I approve whole heartedly of this =)

  4. Replies
    1. Ah Zhu - you had to mention formations. I want a whole squadron of them now!

  5. Excellent stuff, reminds me of the old Rafm turtle riding lizardmen. Looking forward to seeing it painted.

    1. Cheers! Just googled them - the young turtles are nice but I really like the bigger War Turtle with Howdah!