Friday, 29 March 2013

Pre-Match Build Up...

The Big Game is almost upon us...

Forget the Europa Football league (Big girlies that lot!) 

Two titans of the deranged world of Blood Bowl stand poised to clash in an epic struggle this evening. 

Vile and depraved - the Wasteland Wanderers, Naggarond's finest hope to seize the day... and as many body parts of the opposition as trophies! 

Standing against them are the Golden Boars, shining examples of the thuggery and brutishness so beloved of the fans. 

 Rumour has it that the services of Star Players, Griff Oberwald and the Mighty Zug have been secured by the Boars. 

Not content to be outdone the Wanderers have hired the feared Assassin, Harkon Heartripper (left) and Star Player, Hubris Rakarth (right).

 So the scene is set but the die yet to be cast. Who will win? Who will survive? Who will be able to eat an entire Big Moot Sandwich?

Edit - I'd hoped to post this earlier this afternoon but an influx of in-laws put paid to that idea. My good friend Ollie, of The Second Founding has been round and we've got the first 7 turns played. I'm not going to give any half time scores away as we have a load of notes and pictures to to sort out and get a match report sorted somehow between us.

Suffice to say, however, blood has been spilled, rocks and abuse hurled and much beer consumed!


  1. Looking good.

    Glad to see that you're home ground has stayed with the Astrogranite and not switched to that new fangled grass stuff!

    1. Oh yes - there's a much more satisfying crunch when players go face down on the Granite!

  2. Great use of the Mighty Fortress as your stadium! Like it :)

    I've just been packing all my toys for the Big Move and I was seized with the Blood Bowl urge when I opened the case that has my skaven, goblin and chaos pact teams in it. Must play more games....

    1. Cheers Rab - although I can't claim the idea as mine!. I came across a pic of someone else's pitch entirely surrounded by the fortress (they must have had more than one set) and thought - me likey!

      Certainly sounds like a box of Blood Bowl goodness - hope the move goes ok and they see the light of day again soon!

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