Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Red in Tooth and Mandible...

Some beastly additions to populate the seething jungles of Lustria for you this evening and some old Citadel greats, seamlessly blended with Otherworld's finest -

These jungle nasties will be turning up as random monsters throughout the scenarios I am planning - read about a nice rule someplace where the random monster appeared and attacked the noisiest character on the table...

Citadel Scorpion - got another one of these to paint up sometime

Citadel Giant Spider - also lurking in a box waiting for some paint is an Otherworld giant spider and several smaller ones.

Citadel Giant Carnivorous Bird and Ral Partha "young" (think its from their 15mm range?)

No prizes for guessing where this young lady got her natty cloak from...

Otherworld Giant Python

and finally the Otherworld Giant Toad - lots of fun to paint and couldn't resist giving it a boggy base


  1. Absolutely wonderful! I love the Otherworld stuff, although a little pricey. The basing on the toad is just tremendous!

  2. "I love the Otherworld stuff, although a little pricey."

    Waiting for more of your Other World minis :)

  3. Thankyou kindly all!

    The Otherworld stuff is great and as I got it a while back when they were having a sale, they didn't break the bank too much.

    As well as the Huge Spider and some of the smaller ones, I also treated myself to the Type 2 Demon - thought he might work as some kind of Slann monstrosity as there is a hint of frog/toad about him.

    Back on the citadel front I have a growing multitude of various snakes, insects, spiders, scorpions and frogs from the old creepy crawlies line that I'll be basing up as swarms...

  4. Wonderful work as usual....the toad looks so real, I expect him to crawl off his base and disappear into the jungle. Thanks for a superb blog...I'm thoroughly addicted!

  5. Steve, I think these are your best ones yet - rivaled only by Kremlo. Top job, I'm very jealous that you've got so many of the old critters! Could we get a size comparison shot with something a bit more familiar in size?

  6. Just discovered your blog and it's great. I have a question for you (and don't see a link to email you anywhere): I am writing an article for the OSFMapa ( and I was wondering if I could use one of your pictures of the Citadel Giant Carnivorous Bird? I would give you credit and would be happy to mention this blog as well. If you don't mind, leave a comment or email me at xredmenacex at hotmail dot com and let me know either way. Thanks!!!!

  7. Thanks Mouse - the mini is a joy to paint and painting those big eyes make a nice change to the pin-pricks on other smaller minis.

    Cheers Mattias - was dead chuffed with Kremlo too. Shame this lot met such stiff competiton in the LPL! There will be some "action" shots at some point with the Slann/Amazon and Norse getting stuck in - not to mention the obligatory "Look what I made!" shot of all my LPL entries together...

    Redmenace - I'd be more than happy for you to use the pic - I'll email it to you at that address - interesting looking project.