Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fimir very much...

Before any of you get excited - I haven't got my hands on any vintage fimir, much as I'd like to...

Oh and the post title only works if you say it in a really bad Elvis impression!

Instead I'll leave such Demon-worshipping shenanigans to a certain Mr Saturday who, if you haven't been aware of his excellent work, has been raising an army of the evil cyclopeans through some brilliant modelling and conversion work.

You can gaze in wonderment here -

Anyway this post is by way of a big thankyou to Mr Saturday for the extrememly kind gesture of donating this fine Slann warrior to my Lustrian project - can you think of a more selfless act a retro-citadel leadhead could perform?!

So by way of saying thanks I thought I'd shamelessly steal the lovely colour scheme he has conjured up for his Fimir and use it to create a little tribute here.

Thankyou Mr Saturday - I definitely owe you one!


  1. Not at all sir! I'm happy the Slann has gone to a good home rather than lying in state amongst his leaden fellows...

    And may I say fine job, most gratifying!

  2. Glad you like him - thanks again!