Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Dawn of Lead 2019: Here Be Monsters!

Found this post lurking amongst the various drafts that have been slowly amalgamating on my blog for a while now and thought it was high time I shared it with you!

This was another fine get together for the Warlords of Albion group in our long running Dawn of Lead series of games that are held at Wargames Foundry. Typically we congregate in Newark three times a year (not including BOYL!) in October for a Halloween game, Night of the Living Lead, February or thereabouts for Lead of Winter and a bit later in the Spring for Dawn of Lead.  

The games are all set in our little version of Albion and usually very ably GM'ed by our own Warlord Paul. There's often a link or continuation between the games so I guess they form a very loose kind of campaign with lots of stand-alone games thrown in as well. The Foundry team do a great job of looking after us with hot drinks, pastries and even a sit down lunch - very civilised!

I seem to recall this was one of the more stand-alone games (correct me if I'm wrong if any of my fellow gamers are reading!) which involved an evil Wizard summoning a host of Monsters to exact his revenge upon a local village - perhaps his horse was clamped last time he visited or he felt he received less than excellent service in the local hostelry? 

Anyhow, he loses control of his monsters and they run amok, slaughtering villages and demolishing buildings! 

The aim of the game was to get the highest kill count of villagers with bonus points being awarded for particularly inventive or ridiculous ways of doing them in. We were also allowed to attack fellow monsters to hamper their efforts. Being a huge fan of the old Rampage computer game, this was right up my street!

As you can see there was a pretty impressive bunch of creatures that showed up - in particular the three Great Spined Dragons (not everyday you see that on one table!), Phil's Citadel Giant (painted by Harry) and the Grenadier Goblin War Giant, oh and Stuart's Troll!

4th edition was well represented with some beautiful Griffons and Dragons and Jerome's Chimera was back up to its old mischief too! 

Of course I had to bring along my Jolly, Orange Giant - especially after Stuart pointed out that he could go round "tango'ing" the other Giants!

Much mirth and hilarity ensued - the details of which escape me now. I seem to remember my Giant falling over a lot and getting drunk after demolishing the pub though. I also recall that's why he might have picked a fight with the much larger Citadel Giant by throwing a villager or two at him, picking up bonus points for creatively murdering the hapless peasants in the process!

You'll see later on how he fared in that little ruckus and how the game went on to develop in to a Battle Royale between Spined Dragon and Giant!

Anyway, I'll shut up now and let you enjoy the pictures!

I have a feeling the dragons won out in the end! Anyway, a very fun day and a slightly unusual game - hopefully it won't be too long before we can meet up again...


  1. what an awesome looking game

    1. A good excuse to get all those monsters together on one table!

  2. So many beautiful things! The old Citadel Giant really dominates a table, doesn't he? I've never seen one first hand. He must cost a fortune these days!

    1. Aye - he's suitably imposing isn't he! I dread to think what the going rate is now - out of my budget anyhow!

    2. That is even better than Valhalla! (I'm green with envy)

    3. Let the Gods have their wars - we have ours! ;)

  3. That is just the best thing I have seen today!