Saturday, 13 July 2013

Things are about to get a bit Weird around here...

The night has been unruly: where we lay,
Our chimneys were blown down; and, as they say,

Lamentings heard i' the air; strange screams of death,
And prophesying with accents terrible 
Of dire combustion and confused events 
New hatch'd to the woeful time: the obscure bird
Clamour'd the livelong night: some say, the earth 
Was feverous and did shake.

Yes dear reader, War once more rears its ugly head on these fair shores. From across the World Pond come dark mutterings of strife and bloodshed.

Private Weird and Mouse have already thrilled us with the Battle of the Plain of Crows - a tragic tale of internecine civil conflict between two Dwarf armies.
More recently we were treated to the clash over Dimtree's Loot between the Ulysses Gang and Mykhul's Ork Boyz.

Well now I and Warlord Paul are in on the action thanks to Private Weird's suggestion that we put together and play some kind of scenario between the four of us! This thread is intended to serve as a platform to discuss possible narratives, armies and everything else we will need to conduct an utterly mad four way remote game through our separate blogs!

Edit -

Pics of some possible war bands added!

Eldar Pirates - T'ih Rex and his surviving crew strive to evade their Imperial hunters...

Imperial Army - Marooned by Warp storms, Captain Mendrake's squad must find a way of broadcasting the recall code to prevent the annihilation of what is actually a very promising recruitment planet...

Pirates - Urig Ellar, a rogue Psyker, and his gang of ne'er-do-wells, have fled to a backward world in the outer rim. Here he hopes to evade the attentions of the Inquisition and build a new fiefdom for himself.

Inquisitor Fang, Marine Captain Biggelz and Assassin Ximinez are hot on the heels of a Rogue Psyker - can they eliminate their target before the forces of chaos utilise him for their own nefarious purposes?

Infamous bandit, Robyn Cowl and her band of Jolly thugs - just think how much takings would go up by if they could lay their hands on one of those fancy bang sticks?

Aash Grillyems - Chief of the Nicto Tribe. Aash is determined to gain the edge over the Undead creatures that have plagued his tribe for months. Boomsticks would definitely help in this objective...

Cinis Verata, a feared Necromancer and the beginnings of his Undead horde - nothing must stop him in his preparations to raise ever more lost souls for his Army of Darkness...


  1. Sounds like a swell idea. Although I should probably point out that things have been decidedly 'weird around here' for some time already!

    1. Cheers Gareth - how right you are!

      Perhaps I should have used the comparative in the post title...

  2. Hi Thantsants,

    Hey, what a great looking post to introduce our game! Really nice to see these action shots of yours again too! And thanks for the mentions of the Battle of The Plain of Crows and Dimtree's Loot!

    Mouse has to work this weekend, but perhaps we can start throwing some rough ideas out. I think the biggest hurdle will be finding a way to keep the game easy and manageable for all four of us. I like the idea (no, I LOVE the prospect) of it being played out on Four different tables and four different blogs. With this in mind, one approach could be to meet to set-up the table, story, and the troops involved, and then each of us simply play out either a turn each, or the whole game! The advantage of this is that it will be very easy to handle, and the back and forth of the dice rolling (which I love but is very time-consuming, especially with four people) is done all in one go. The other advantage is that a very Rashomon-like telling of the same story will unfold, which would be fun and brilliant! The main disadvantage, of course, would be that there is less on-going interaction between the players. But given trying to work with four different busy schedules, that might end up being a plus. Also, we could introduce an "Interrupt Rule" or a "No Way, Man, Re-roll that Mo-Fo" option where if another player is around he may immediately jump in and change the turn, either by inserting his own dice rolls or switching some of the actions around. Kind of like a pseudo-live action Fighting Fantasy Book where if you didn't like the result you could flip back the page and try again! Anyway, these are just some first thoughts. I will be around on and off during the day. I am super looking forward to playing with all of you guys! I am big fan of all of your blogs and I sure this will be a fantastic experience! Thanks for this, guys!

    Private W.

  3. Hi everyone! Just got back from a fantastic but draining day at the Imperial Museum Duxford where they were putting on their annual flying display of WW2 aircraft. I am going to sit down, read through all this stuff and get involved in a minute, right after a refreshing cup of tea.

    1. OK, so I have had a read through now. I'm up for running with PW's ideas as long as we can put our heads together and thrash out a few details. Are we talking RT or WHFB3?

    2. Sounds like a grand day out! Having just sweated over a BBQ this evening, I'm on my fourth Stella - I shall try and be coherent...

      Right - I think the best way of tackling the turn aspect of the game might be to go by time zone and play pretty straight by the book in terms of the turn sequence - I'm assuming we're all happy with WFB 3rd ed?

      Mind you, I like your ideas on the interrupt rule P.W. but I reckon it might get a little confusing if we're all jumping in to change the course of events. One way of mixing it up a little might be to pinch a turn mechanic from Brent Spivey's Havoc - you can compete to gain momentum and thus go first instead of second/third/fourth in the normal turn sequence. In Havoc its a case of winning a dice roll against your opponent - you can add additional D6 from a limited pool of die that has to last you all game.

      If we're playing with a small band of individual characters we could always introduce some kind of limited re-roll mechanic to improve their survivability and add to the Rashomon style narrative - the Orc champion stands back to admire his brutal handiwork, chuckling to himself as his opponent falls senseless to the ground - only to look on open-mouthed as it turns out to only be a flesh wound, as his opponent drags himself to his feet once more!

      The other main concern would be to get our heads together and see which miniatures we have in common so we can try and field fully painted forces to represent each other on our respective tables. Similarly we'd best check we can all represent the terrain we want too.

      The other suggestion I'd make is to use the Hammete dice log we used for Bridge Over the River Chai. Not that I don't trust any of you fine fellows implicitly - the advantage being in that we'll have a log of dice rolls and be better able to keep up with the action.

      Hope I'm not being too prescriptive but I think we'll need a fairly robust structure to the game to avoid confusion!

    3. Hey Warlord Paul! I'm not sure? Either would be fine, but I think Thantsants and I were originally envisioning a Fantasy game. But a combination of the two would be interesting! Actually that sounds really exciting! How about a mix of RT and Warhammer 3? A full-on sci-fi vs fantasy? Or warbands made up of Fantasy and 40k guys? Yeah, yeah...

    4. Hmm - I've always loved those shots of the RT siege game that was set on a medieval Orc world. I'm sure we could set up some kind of narrative involving the few survivors from a downed spaceship fighting for survival against fearful and superstitious bands of locals intent on burning the heretics...

  4. Hi Thantsants, Sounds good. I'm curious and a little apprenhensive of trying the dicelog, but I'm down. How about the mixing of RT and W3?

    1. Yeah, me too, Thantsants. Those are inspiriational pictures! Maybe we can start off the game by duplicating that scene and take it from there? And I really am suddenly hopelessly enamoured with the idea of a force that is a mix of fantasy and RT minis! (The Ulysses gang has heard me swoon about this, but I am NOT letting them join in on this).

      Also,there seems to be a fun time drag in the comments - I'm always one comment behind!

    2. I like the idea of mixing RT and WFB - we just need to work out the characters we can field and the narrative behind it all.

      If the dice log looks like being an added complication then no worries - we can always do it the old tried and tested way!

    3. For characters, what about if you chose some that you would like to use, Thantsants, and the rest of us will simply try and match them. I think that would be the easiest starting point. And I'm sure a narrative and a whole series of character/situational motivations will arise from that. Plus it is also a chance to drool over some of those beautiful minis of yours that we haven't seen for a while!

    4. Ahhh, I mean choose not chose!

    5. Righto - I might go and put a few little war bands together, take some pics and post them up here for you guys to see as a starting point...

    6. Ok - now done and added to the original post above. Also included a few possible narratives to go with them.

    7. Nice, Thantsants, nice. Those bands look terrific! I can match (with proxies and such) all of them, and I would be happy to play any one of them. But mostly the Eldar are calling to me. And the Orcs. Actually, I would especially love to play the Eldar and Orcs as one band! But I am open to whatever will work best for everyone.

    8. Great - I can see them having a similar relationship with the Orcs as Lynx does with Irongron and his cronies in The Time Warrior.

      I quite like the idea of the Inquisitor and Space Marines pursuing them and perhaps mistaking/identifying the Necromancer Cinis Verata for a Rogue Psyker who must also perish - cue Army of Darkness style recruitment of local human peasantry to fight the Deadites!

      Hopefully the Warlord Paul and Mouse will have painted proxies too - if the narrative sounds like a go-er?

    9. Sounds great! And I'm sure there will be variations on the narratives, and sub-plots, and such going on too given the four points-of-view that will happening! Can't wait!

  5. While my instincts tell me to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid!) on the first date I can't seem to quash the urge to be reckless and impulsive. No point being conservative! Incidentally, I am finding that small fantasy games can take a lot of time at the moment so if it's to be WHFB3 I suggest we keep the points down or try skirmishy warbands. That should make getting the forces together (four times over) easier too.

    Surely everyone has a handful of Orcs? What about greenskins vs Dwarfs or something similar? We can either expand the story behind the battle of Plank Street or start something new entirely. Undead are pretty iconic too, anyone got any of these lying around?

    1. Yeah, Warlord Paul, no point holding back! Let's do it RT and Warhammer 3!!

    2. I have a small number of Undead and Ethereals. There are also Brommedir's Elves, the Wood Elves, Dwarves and Dwarf Engineers. I have tons of Orcs, a few Goblins and my 40K stuff is represented by my Rogue Trader's retinue.

      I reckon if we're going RT then a new story line would be good!

  6. I can match anything from Thantsants pictures except Boar Boyz.

  7. I've been hoping to get an excuse to finish painting some Eldar for a while now, so how about this for a rough guide to getting started.

    If I'm the Eldar mercenaries and I have been hired by a Craftworld to act as a death squad and cleanse a maiden world of all life then I would be able to ally with Thantsant's Undead, who have the same goal. The fact that we both have different ideas about what happens after is irrelevant (for now).

    Weird and Mouse could take the part of the stoic but low-tech locals who have been fighting the evil Undead for generations and some spacefarers who think the ongoing struggle is an excellent way to forge good soldiers. The spacefarers step in because they like recruiting from this world and don't want the balance to be tipped, they certainly don't want to lose what is nominally their world to a rival.

    I would use, say, 20 Eldar. Thantsants would get about 40 Undead models. PW and Mouse would need 20 spacefarers (these can be rival Eldar, Orks, Imperials, Squats or a mixture of sentient races or whatever really) and 40 low-tech locals (who should match their spacefaring patrons) to be numerically equal.

    That's 120 models each to prepare.

    We can each develop the background of our own forces though any ideas that are too good to waste could be shared. Once we pin down what models each of us has chosen we post that information and then each get all four forces together. Then it's just a matter of setting up the battle.

    Let me know if I'm not being ambitious enough, or if all of this has been rendered irrelevant by the strange temporal lag on comments.

  8. Hi, there, friends! just got in. Pretty inspired by what I've been reading here. I'm tired and already pretty deep in my cups so I'll just rattle off a few ideas as they come to me.

    1. Thantants' leading with a quote from MacBeth makes it pretty clear to me that the title/theme of the game needs to be "Twas a Rough Night".

    I'm getting this vague idea of a fort/manor/castle inhabited by the "Good King Duncan", (actually a rogue psyker) on a medieval world. It's a dark and stormy night and two "Special Forces" teams are closing in on the manor. One is an imperial team hoping to eliminate or 'harvest' King Duncan for the Emperor's choir. Another is perhaps a mercenary Eldar group hoping to spirit him away in order to sell him to a chaos cult who hope to use Duncan as a warp gate.

    As if things did not already bode ill enough for Duncan, a faction of his own followers is hoping to kill him in his bed in the dead of night and seize the Kingdom.

    Rogue Psyker "Good King" Duncan must evade his would be assassins, rally his loyal iron-age followers and cut his way out of the castle, or else hold it against all comers.

    In keeping with the "Twas a Rough Night" theme, the attackers must do Duncan in by Morning, or the local peasants will realize that something is amiss and descend on the castle in their thousands to defend their Priest-king.

    The 'Special forces' teams should be small, no more than squad size and should contain a few commandos with 40k tech level, their numbers bolstered by a few native Ork, medieval human or Wood Elf allies or mercenaries acting as scouts or guides. The iron age types in the castle have pretty lame technology compared to the "special Forces" aliens, but they have an advantage in numbers. There are no victory points...the team which achieves it's objective by getting Duncan or getting him away is the winner. Everybody else is not the winner.

    If we run into problems with all 4 of us being able to come up with so many medieval humans to put on the table, we could always make king Duncan and his partisans Dwarves or Elves, and the rebels humans or vice vs. So maybe 10 models each for the space age teams and 15 or so each for the Iron Age types...about 50 or 60 models for each of us to High Dunsinane, which could look different from one player to the next as long as the floor plan was more or less the same.

    I think the hamete dice server is a good idea, just because it keeps a record, and with 4 of us playing, it'll be easy to get our dice rolls mixed up or forget them.

    Those are all of the idea-type things I have in my head for now. I need to go fall down. Hope some of my babblings provide some inspiration.

    1. Hi Paul - definitely ambitious enough! Looks like I'm going to have to get painting Eldar. I can manage 12 at the moment - 13 if I can get hold of some of the old plastic Guardian arms.

      However, I really like Mouse's idea of RT meets Macbeth. It'd be nice to keep the Undead in somehow though - how about giving Duncan some Necromantic magic as well as Psionics. Raising Undead troops could be a last ditch defence - reinforcements to bolster his defence but with a sting in the tail as they could cause loyalty/fear teasts among his living soldiers!

      I think Eldar mercenaries and an Imperial commando squad would be good, along with some local Elf/Darf/Human guides - an Assassin and Inquisitor should be fun to include.

      One question - what kind of time scale do we envisage for getting the game ready and playing it? I'm just conscious many of my minis will be on duty in Orc's Drift at the Oldhammer Weekend at the end of August...

    2. Maybe the undead could be lead by the traitor "MacDeth", who has turned to the Black Arts of Necromancy in his quest to take over Duncan's kingdom. His retinue could include a few unsavory human-type henchmen and a handfull of assorted undead that he keeps in the basement, or maybe raises from the nearby graveyard. that might give Thantants the wiggle room he needs on the undead minis.

  9. This will be interesting to follow. Love the war bands - such great minis! Thx/Hans

    1. Cheers Don - it'll be four for the price of one once the other chaps replicate the game with their set-ups and minis!

  10. Just having a re-read of everything and trying to think of ways to best incorporate everyone's ideas. I like the idea of a nice open framework so that if we use the online dice rolls and a 'let the dice fall as they may' policy we can at least 'interpret' them in our own way when we write about the game. This would give PW at least some of the freedom he mentioned.

    Mouse's ideas are intriguing. What about this, instead of Duncan we have the rogue psyker 'King McDeth the Usurper'. He is aided and abetted (some say controlled) by the Triumvirate, a trio of shadowy alien psykers, and his increasingly erratic wife Queen McDeth who also has limited psionic powers. They are holed up in High Dunsinane where they use their mind-bending powers to reanimate the dead because their live human subjects are deserting in droves, dismayed by the King's encroaching madness.

    Two strike teams head toward the castle, Eldar and Imperials. The Eldar have managed to use spirit stones to give form to Lord Vanquo and his murdered sons who act as guides and allies in their undead state. The Imperials have the aid of Lord McEnuff and his human rebels. The orders are to kill or capture McDeth and his inner circle.

    Each player will assemble 5 Eldar, 5 Imperials, the McDeths, 3 Hag-aliens, 10 medieval humans, 3 ethereals 20 skeletons and 20 zombies. (68 minis).

    If we crunch some numbers we can adjust the numbers of McDeth's Undead accordingly and set his pool of magic points to give him an ability to raise more, but not too outrageous an amount.

    Deadline-wise we will just blog our progress and kick off when we can.

    Are we close or does anyone need to expand things further?

    1. I think that sounds brilliant - I nearly suggested using Mcdeth but shied away in case of comparisons with that "Scottish" scenario. However, I love the inclusion of Vanquo, McEnuff and the witches - forgot to mention in my last reply that some warp entities would be fun to include!

      I just need to paint up 1 more Eldar and some more skellies - which should be pretty quick. Do we want some to be mounted?

      I'll struggle on the zombie front I'm afraid and funds probably won't stretch to acquiring 20 of the citadel ones I would want! Is another 20 skeletons ok to represent them?

      I did quite like Mouse's idea of it being a night raid with a dawn being the time limit - would some night vision rules be an idea to include? Mind you thinking about it the Eldar and Imperials will no doubt have night vision and do skeletons and ethereals see in the dark?

    2. Regarding cavalry, it all depends how we each represent High Dunsinane. I have a nice terrain piece made out of an old temple that came with a board game called 'Dark World' set on a rocky hill which I think I could possibly use. I could use either the exterior or a D&D style interior floor-plan, depending on necessity. Good replicas of the exterior could include GW's Arcane Ruins or Temple of Skulls. I also have a GW Dreadstone Blight and a Plastic Tower from the 2nd castle kit attached to a home-made 2 storey house with a wooden walkway. If we want to have a fight mainly over built-up terrain then cavalry models might be superfluous to requirements but if we have the castle in the background and have a stand-up fight in more open terrain they will be more useful.

      We could go for a pure Skeleton force in terms of stats and then represent them with whatever comes to hand really. Possibly if 40 skellies is too much we could say there are 15 Orc guards and 25 Undead.

      Scenario rules would be good, especially the objective or bust idea, but I don't know whether a night raid is a good idea against Undead! Wouldn't a day raid be more sensible? I will go with the flow on that one. Maybe on this planet there is an Alaskan winter going on and the world is shrouded in perpetual night.

      I am going to start putting some force lists together, on the proviso that they are subject to change depending on further input of course.

    3. Hi Guys,

      It is fascinating to see things starting to spin off in a whole bunch of interesting directions already! We should still keep in mind that this is an internet game played by four people in two different Time Zones and three different countries. Also, we should picture that is is going to be played on a 2 x 4 board to make it manageable for everyone. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there is the whole Time/Length of this whole great endeavour to consider. (ie. we want to have it played and played out in a relatively short time so hopefully we can learn a lot for our next game and our next one on.) So Warlord Paul, those are great suggestions and ideas but why don't we just stick with the Warbands that Thantsants has so kindly posted and just set up a bash from there? Each of us can have our own narrative(s) that may or may not converge with the others but all the action will be enacted and dictated by the events on our collective table(s). This way we are not governed by one narrative strain and one dominant vision and the game can commence soon(ly) and be resolved quickly. And we'll all have a lot of fun in the process. Looking forward to it!

    4. Not quite sure where the benefit of that would be. Unfortunately, while I have most of those miniatures in the photos I can't have them all ready at short notice. The 'sides' are also a bit lopsided to say the least. Someone give me a list of models to get ready.

    5. Hi Warlord Paul,

      The benefits as I see them would be:

      1. Each of us has exactly the story going on that each player wants to go on - and we will all be equally involved in the whole process of creating a magnificent piece of internet mayhem!

      2. It will be potentially very entertaining because there will be a whole bunch of really entertaining threads mingling and inspiring new bits of excitement and wonder.

      3. It will be easy to jump right into and start the game without undue fussing about each of us agreeing exactly with what the exact situation/ scenario is (kind of a like a good Role-playing game where one jumps in and lets the thing unfold in whatever direction it may).

      4. It is a Wacky Third Edition Warhammer/Rogue Trader game played in a true open-ended fashion.

      5. It just seems like an easy, friendly way for this to begin.

      6. All good narratives have multiple points of view.

      7. It would be Fun!

      Anyway, that's my feeling about it. I just wanna play!

      As for the miniatures, just use suitable proxies. I'll be doing that and I'm sure Mouse will too. For me part of the enjoyment of these internet games is seeing different wonderful old minis in action! I am excited to see which great miniatures you and Mouse (and myself) will choose to represent Thantsants' beautiful Warbands. This I think will be a real treat for everyone!

      As for the sides being lop-sided we can simply tweak them by the addition of characters, weapons used, etc.

      Anyway, hope this clarifies my take on our adventure.

    6. It's not so much the nature of the gameplay style that has me confused, I don't understand what the benefit of using Thantsants photos as a collection guide would be. Lots of Imperials and four eldar for instance? I don't think that will produce very satisfactory narratives. I think T was just offering up some suggestions of what he has available and I think it would be a mistake to use exactly those forces and it's not something I feel I can agree to.

      While I applaud your description of an open-ended game I am going to require a bit more structure in the planning stage. After over 30 something comments I still don't really understand what we are doing and I have no idea what I am supposed to prepare.

      I am not going to make any more suggestions as it's obvious something is being lost in translation. Will someone please come up with a list of about 40 to 60 'actors' who will star in the story so I can begin prepping?

      What I was also trying to do was establish an intro narrative which is something of an old tradition but I will fit mine in retrospectively and for now concentrate on the nuts and bolts of what we are doing.

      I think one of us should act as a GM during the game to keep things smooth.

      I feel I have been wasting my time making woolly suggestions so I am going to endeavour to be more direct, please don't interpret this as terseness.

  11. Warlord Paul,

    I'm not sure what else I can say other then, "why don't you just set the game up however you want it to be."

    1. I don't want to dictate things at all, I want to avoid falling victim to the 7 Ps, that's all. I think Mouse came up with the best idea and I was hoping to use that intro narrative to inspire a list of minis to get ready. I am moving soon and I have a lot of stuff boxed up so I need to know what's going to be necessary well in advance.

      I think I will sit this one out, I will watch you guys and enjoy the results. Perhaps I will better understand PW's POV afterwards too. Good Luck!

    2. ah, I'm not sure what has happened here. I just wanted the four of us to share a fun four-way game over the internet. Any suggestions/comments I made were well-intentioned attempts to present my feelings on what I thought would be an easy way for all of us to quickly jump right into our happy adventure. I was also trying to articulate what I thought was the successful approach that Mouse and I had experienced when we played our two very enjoyable internet games. I guess I just did not express myself as well as I had hoped. I apologize for that and for any confusion and/or hurt feelings that may have been caused.

      Thantsants, thanks for setting up this post and for going to the trouble of getting out those wonderful-looking warbands! I thought they were perfect for our game and would have led to all kinds of amazing narrative possibilities. Anyway, hopefully some other time! I feel this game was perhaps fated not to happen.

      All the best,

      Private W.

  12. Sorry chaps, been somewhat busy the past couple of days - end of term is always a mad time and I haven't made it past the fridge and onto the interwebz these past couple of evenings.

    Its a shame to see some creative differences creeping in but fairly inevitable I suppose with four of us putting this thing together.

    Here is where I am at - I hope it might clear a few things up.

    The pics I posted were really just painted minis I had to represent some of the forces we had already discussed and a bit of a starting point for organising the different factions. How they might be combined or arrayed against each other, or ignored entirely if they were difficult for you lot to represent on your respective tabletops is entirely flexible.

    I'm quite happy with the way the scenario has developed through Mouse and Warlord Paul's suggestions - in fact I rather like the whole Macbeth style plot! As, I'm used to setting scenarios up in this way - an initial narrative that sets up certain objectives and results in an entertaining gaming experience, I'd assumed everyone else was coming at it from a similar angle. For me the the different viewpoints would come in from how each of us would develop our force's motivations as they react to developments in the game, and also how certain events (apparent kills that are later saved, suspicious actions on the part of erstwhile allies and so on) would be interpreted in different ways.

    I do think we need a little structure to the game as we'll be using our different blogs and are in different time zones. Certainly for me, I'd like some kind of initial motivation or objective for my troops to achieve. Private - if you could elaborate a little more on how you'd like to get started that would be great too.

    Can we all agree on some kind of scenario and the forces that will be taking part - what happens afterwards when we begin the game will be down to what we want to do with those forces in the game. I think too that a GM might be a a good idea.

  13. Well, that imploded quickly. Chuckle.

    I don't think we should give up just yet. I suggest that we take the advice of the wise old owls who wrote WFB3 and 40kRT, and select or elect a GM to write up the scenario, formulate the rules and run the game and maybe some NPCs. The GM will take suggestions from everybody as to what they want out of the game and incorporate them into his vision but everyone agrees ahead of time that once the GM has laid out his final plan, his word is law, just like we do with a DM in D&D. None of us will get everything he'd like to see out of this first game, but remember, if we are successful this time, there will be more games.

    There will be plenty of room for everybody to get creative and write up their own version of events as their characters see them, which for me is about 50% of the fun of a Warhammer game anyway. At the same time, the GM can structure the game so that we can feel our way forward in a way which is deliberate, efficient and even handed.

    Let me also (gently) suggest that the GM be Thantsants or me, or perhaps a fifth party, since P.W. and W.P. have such passionate and strongly contrasting visions of what they want to do. As we play more games and get more experienced and better organized, we can hand the GM's baton 'round the campfire and everybody can get a chance to run the game he wants to play.

    I'd hate to see this blow up, as I think P.W. had a great idea here. It's an opportunity to do something really spectacular and cool which nobody has ever done before, and there's no telling where it might lead us in the future.

    Plus I'd love to play a 4-way Realm of Chaos mini-campaign with you fellows someday.

    1. Hey Mouse, your "Well, that imploded quickly.", had me laughing out loud. Thanks! And yes, I love your idea and I'm still down if you guys are. In my mania/manicness I was beginning to think that both you and Thantsants were not into it anymore. Anyway, let me know. I'm open to anything.

  14. Hey all, no hard feelings and certainly no need for apologies. I prefer to be straight to the point and applaud it as a virtue in others.

    It's difficult to explain everything that's going on at the moment but cutting a long story short I have too much on my plate at this time and can't really commit to this for at least a couple of months. It was daft of me to not be open about that from the start and trying to organise this game was always going to be frustrating at this end. If you guys are looking to get a similar game in around October time I would be thrilled to be invited to take part.

    Regarding some of the suggestions Mouse and Thantsants made after my exit, I think all those are great ideas and would encourage you to use them, though not merely for my sake. I would urge anyone to use a GM and have them draw up interesting force lists and a rough outline for the narrative because they are good ways to help people fulfil their obligations to each other when gaming. I know most of my gaming buddies and I certainly appreciate having a few measures in place to enhance our games. I do a lot of GMing locally and to be honest, I don't relish the burden of having to do more of it so I would happily endorse anyone as GM if they have a particular idea they want to realise.

    I hope you throw something together in the meantime and have a great time, I'm sure it will be fantastic.

    1. Hey Warlord Paul,

      No hard feelings at all! I bet if we were organizing this face-to-face we all be laughing and seeing, and easily understanding, each other's take on putting an exciting game together! Good luck with your move and perhaps we can all play in the late Fall.

      Private W.

  15. Definitely no hard feelings my end - I think my last comment suffered from a bit of time lag there!

    I'm with Mouse on carrying on and putting a game together - not only do I have a table full of minis looking hopefully up at me after their last photo shoot but I also agree that if we can pull it off it'll be something new and special in the annals of old school online gaming.

    I'm happy to fill the role as GM - how about I get the last two days of school out of the way and put together some kind of new scenario over the weekend. I think we should maybe save our RT version of McDeth for another time.

    Unless you chaps have any strong feelings about which factions you'd like to play as, I'll post up some pics and basic stats for each warband which you could then go off and flesh out yourselves. I'll also provide you with an open ended mission/reason for being there. There will of course be conflicting, multiple and secret objectives for each of you, NPC's to deal with, surprises and twists which I will divulge as we progress through the game. Email adresses would be handy too so I can share these with you individually and in secret from the other players!

    Perhaps if you could let me have a rough inventory of what minis you have painted up (or if its quicker stuff to avoid because you don't have them in your collection!) - that way I can have a bank of characters, monsters and NPC's that I can surprise you with, safe in the knowledge that you can represent them on your table tops.

    Hopefully that should provide us with enough structure so that the game runs smoothly across our different time zones and blogs - and hopefully it'll be free enough to fit in with P.W.'s vision too - just reread your comments and I think I get what you're after now!

    Hopefully that should bring us back round the table - although I realise Paul that you're a bit busy at the mo.


  16. Hi Thantsants,

    Sounds great! I'd be happy to play any warband engaged in any mission you suggest. I have a pretty large collection of painted figures so I'm sure I can find some proxies that would work for anything you would like to use. And although I am eager to jump right in and start playing, maybe we should wait until October so Warlord Paul can join us too? Either and any way, I'm looking forward to playing with you guys!

  17. Thanks for offering to run the game, Thantsants! I have a school which I must attend for work which runs (AAARRRGGHHH!!) from the 4th week of August through the 3rd week of September, so perhaps quick game just to get our feet under us, and then take on something more ambitious in October, when hopefully W.P. can join us? I'm game for any sort of scenario you would enjoy creating.

    The painted figures I own are pretty much what you see here on the blog. I can paint up some others to supplement what I've got, however, given a few days. For 40kRT, I have plenty of Orks, Eldar, a small platoon of marines, and a good amount of Imperial troops and lots of pirates, mutants and assorted space scum.
    For fantasy, the lead mountain contains no end of Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, Undead, humans and chaos minis. I have something to represent pretty much any monster listed in the 3rd edition fantasy book, but regrettably none from the RT book. I do have plenty of generic and cthulhu type monsters suitable for sci fi fauna, and a couple of Umber Hulks that could stand in for Ambulls...

    1. Well I have the opposite problem - six weeks of holiday from school! Therefore it has been party time this weekend with my Brother's birthday and hooking up with old friends I haven't seen in a while.

      Paul assures me he doesn't mind if we go ahead - and we'll definitely organise something for October as well.

      Mouse and Private Weird - can you email me at stephen dot beales at yahoo dot co dot uk and I'll get some details out to you for the game...

    2. Hi Thantsants, just saw this now. I'll email you straight away!

    3. Great stuff - I think I will get a new post up tomorrow with a choice of factions for you and Mouse - as well as the NPC's.