Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cursing like...

... Fenric!

Somewhat belatedly here's my final entry to the LPL - a tribute to one of my favourite Doctors (the one I really remember growing up with and hiding behind the sofa from) and one of my favourite Dr Who stories- The Curse of Fenric. This scene in particular, although rather tame by today's standards was particularly terrifying to my younger self.

I didn't manage to finish the Tardis in time unfortunately but I don't think it would have qualified for the bonus points available for including a large robot or vehicle - unfortunately being dimensionally transcendental didn't count! Anyway I've included it in these latest shots now its done. I decided not to base this one to make it easier to pop up in a variety of settings.

I always liked Sylvester McCoy's Doctor - manipulative, enigmatic, while at other times playing the bumbling clown. That and his rolling Rrrrrr's! Plus he had some of the coolest knit wear since the 4th Doctor's scarf.

Stories like Ghostlight, Remembrance of the Daleks and Curse of Fenric all had some genuinely scary moments - well I thought so at the time! I'm finally getting round to reading some of the Expanded Universe books and I reckon the Seventh Doctor's character works even better on the page.

He was also the inspiration behind the name of this blog -

There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea's asleep, and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere the tea's getting cold. Come on Ace. We've got work to do.

Plus he had one of the most kickass (ignoring the painfully 80's lingo - Wicked!!) companions since the Sevateem warrioress, Leela, in the form of Ace!

You can't really argue with some who has beaten the crap out of a Dalek with a baseball bat - definitely a crowning moment of Awesome.

The badges on the jacket were fun and I think I've vaguely conveyed what might be on them

although at least the lettering on the back was big enough to get my teeth into!

I might have to get another Ace mini or similar and convert her into her Dalek-wrecking, baseball bat wielding self...

I had to include the Russkies of course as I would like to game Fenric eventually in some form or other - might need some British Royal Marines too as another faction.

Captain Sorin (Ace's love interest for 10 minutes before he is possessed by Fenric and then poisoned by the Ancient One!) is represented by the bare headed chap. All the Russians are Black Tree Design and are lovely figures. Got a few more to do that I originally bought for a scenario I set on the Eastern Front that saw the Sontaran/Rutan conflict interrupting the fighting between the Germans and Soviets.

And finally the Baddies!

I think the Haemovores were great monsters even if they were easily stopped by the psychic barrier that people of strong faith projected.

Post apocalyptic, vampiric, Fishmen zombies anyone?

The Ancient One was pretty cool too - the last Human from a possible future where the seas are awash with pollution. He is called back through time as one of Fenric's Wolves and controls the Haemovores psychically. Persuaded by the Doctor, he eventually turns on Fenric and destroys himself along with his master.

Remember kids - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - or the Haemavores will eat your face off!

Obligatory action shots!

Might have to make some more beach and cliff terrain at some point - I've seen some nice stuff made from polystyrene that fits into an A4 printer paper box.

We hoped to return to the North Way, but the curse follows our dragon ship... the Wolves of Fenric shall return for their treasure, and then shall the dark rule eternally.


  1. That story is the most vivid (along with the Morgana and Mordred parallel-universe Arthurian one) Dr Who memory for me from when I was a kid. Ace was cool... and educational - I learned all about C4 plastic explosives from her ;)

    1. Yeah, Battlefield is another favourite - I definitely want to convert up some sci-fi knights and invest in some modern British infantry to game that one. Having the Brig back was fun and Bambera was quite a gal! I'll be needing a 2CV as well I reckon...

      Definitely got Ace to thank for good old Nitro 9!

  2. I don't know my Dr. Who from a Dr. Hole-in-the-Ground, but those are some great miniatures and wonderful paint jobs!

    1. Cheers for the compliment David - hope I've gone some way in enlightening you on the matter! :)

    2. Definitely. After I commented, I watched the clip you linked to and looked up details on Ace and the Haemovores--good stuff all around! Like you, Dr. Who scared the crap out of me as a kid--that theme song! Here in the States, it wasn't on regularly enough to get hooked. I've watched, like, six episodes from the most recent series, but I'd like to go back and check out the older stuff. Should I just start from Series One?

    3. Do you mean the very first Doctor?

      Certainly not a bad place to start, although there are quite a few missing episodes from some of the stories back then. Personally I'm a big fan of the really old stuff but that's a lot of DVD's!

      I'd choose a Doctor you like or remember and start there.

      Or you could also spend years hunting down all the Target novelisations on ebay and read them from start to finish!

      I got up to the 4th Doctor before when I was on my vintage Doctor kick a few years back. Now its the Seventh Dr who I'm getting obsessed with and I've started to track down some of the Virgin New Adventures which follow on from where the TV series left off.

  3. I wondered where you got the name for your blog from. Fantastic slice of hobby you have there, very well done!

    1. Cheers Paul - Dr Who minis were really what dragged me back into the hobby at first. Something I'd like to get back into as I have a shelf full of (badly painted!) minis gathering dust.

      Plus I like the idea of all that drama and wonderment going on in the universe while somewhere a cup of tea is going cold.

  4. Fab stuff! Now I need to buy more Haemovores...

    1. Cheers Wardy - loving your Dr Who stuff too.

      You can never have too many Vampire, Zombie Fishmen!

  5. These are great! I always liked Ace too and your mini of her looks terrific. Nice work.

    1. Most kind of you Redmenace!

      I might have to reread Blood Heat as well - be nice to have the Doctor, Ace and Unit go toe to toe with the Silurians...

  6. These look fantastic! Sylvester McCoy is in my top 3 favorite doctors (Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker are the other two). I got to meet him and Sophie Aldred when at a convention one time. Good times!

    1. Thanks mate - I think I might have to agree with you there, although there's some great 1st and 2nd Doctor stories.

      Never did any conventions myself but sounds like you had fun!