Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Get Well Soon!

Another LPL entry - Round 6 this time, and I couldn't resist diving in straight away and painting up Kev Adam's self portrait and the Snorklings! Thought it would make a nice virtual Get Well Soon card should Kev be a regular at the LAF.

As you can see these minis are bursting with character and good humour - I'll definitely have to invest in some more to increase my Snotling horde...

Space Hopper with attitude!

I decided to base the other Snorklings up in a similar style to my existing Snotlings - plus there was a vague culinary theme running through the various minis.

The chap at the back right came with nothing in his hands - a nice opportunity for some more 80's style miliput mushroom action!

And yes, that is a bottle of Tabasco's...

In case you couldn't make out what the characters with the kitchen utensils at the back were up to...

And Kev himself, modelling that classic combo of faded jeans, red converse sneakers, camo jacket and green beanie!

Say hello to my little friend!

Still not sure as to the significance of the voodoo mask and wooden pipe as I missed the original release of this mini - answers on a postcard please!

Oh and don't forget Goblin Aid - here's a few teaser shots of the packs that the Goblins will be sold in if you can't stretch to buying the whole lot.

Don't forget, little Kevin and his Snorklings are still available from Foundry!


  1. Wow!! Way to go, Thantsants! These snotlings look so alive you can practically hear them! And what a nice Get Well Card too for Master Kev. I must order some...

    1. Thank you kindly Private - they are quite a noisome bunch!

      Good for you - I see I forgot to put the link in to Foundry's site again - will correct that.

  2. I think the 'pipe' is actually a spliff, judging from the Foundry site job. Not sure if the mask is anything more cryptic than an allusion to his affinity for Goblins.

    Lovely Snorklings! Get well soon Kev!

    1. I did wonder about the pipe - The mask is quite Goblinny too!

  3. Most definitely a spliff :D

    1. Best get the white paint out and put a red end on it then!

      I'm reminded vaguely of the Camberwell Carrot off of Withnail and I