Monday, 29 April 2013

Slann in Spaaaace!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

No not that one - and there's no RT Space Slann either I'm afraid! 

A long time ago I started painting a Blood Bowl team as part of the LPL season 6. I'd read an article in either White Dwarf or one of the books - Star Players or Blood Bowl Companion - on Pub teams, and was rather taken with the idea (although not the players' stats compared to the Big League).

And so the Slann In Spacer's were born - named after their local of course, pictured here behind the beginnings of the team.

I seem to remember at the time someone telling the story behind the Pub name - apparently it was what the workers at the Eastwood factory called the nearby Man in Space pub. Nice touch to include it as a Tavern sign in the Citadel Townscape set! 

Anyway, here is my Round 2 entry in this year's LPL -

The team must have made the big league as they have a few new additions!

Scrrog th'Phrog - Big Guy

Human Linemen

Human Blitzers

Toad Intole - Team Mascot!

And the team so far - minus the Dwarfs and Elves competing in the LPL this week.


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry Jason - although if you look really closely at the Treeman's shoulder pad... ;)

  2. Lovely stuff. If you ever want a game of Blood Bowl, let me know. The Greenback Gales are local legends and would love to go national.

    1. Cheers Paul - definitely up for that. Which edition do you play?

      Do I detect a froggy influence in your team name?

    2. BIG Dangermouse fan right here.

      I use the free rules on the GW website, they are the third edition rules with a few tweaks. Email me if you are interested, it will be easier to set up than our Warhammer game and can be organised sooner.

    3. Crumbs Dm!

      Yep I can relate to that!

      We used those rules for my last game against the Golden Boars - I think my mate Ollie has been a bit busy to do the write-up unfortunately.

      Mind you in the end I used the old 3rd ed. rulebook I picked up off ebay as it was easier to flick through than the sheaf of papers I printed off from the Living Rulebook.

      I'm definitely up for a game and will be in touch :)

    4. Ace! There is not that much difference between the printed 3E handbook and the living rulebook, it really is just a matter of tweaked team rosters and the occasional closed loophole. I am flexible on the team roster by the way, if you want to combine humans and Halflings in the same team and feel constrained by the rules.

  3. Hello,

    Your blog is really very interesting. I am an enthusiast of old CITADEL miniatures and old GAMES WORKSHOP products.


    Sir Roland

    1. Merci beaucoup Sir Roland - Heureusement mon Francais est un peut mieux que mon Espagne et je peut lire le plupart de tes messages de blog - Unfortuanately I have to rely on Google translater to read Endakil's excellent blog, Diario de un Friki.

      Nice blog you have there - although I'm not sure I have quite the French vocabulary to discuss Advanced Heroquest - but its definitely on my "to buy" list!

  4. Excellently painted Blood Bowl team. I really like the colour scheme, bright but subtle in tone without being OTT. The stripes and checks give it a good 'sporting look' to the kit.
    Great back story and theme for the team.

    Almost got me tempted to dig out my old Blood Bowl Orcs for a re-paint.

    I like the militia, villagers and fighters on the battlements too.

    RT Slann in Space eh?
    I'll see what I can do for my next blog post ;)

    1. Thanks again Lee - perhaps you could post some Space Slann on the Oldhammer Forum as well to divert the angry mob from lynching me for my misleading Post title! ;)

    2. I've posted the Space Slann on my blog, as well as a few other odds and ends. I also joined the Oldhammer Forum, so will see about posting them there too to save you from the hanging tree! :)

    3. Yep - I was admiring those yesterday. Nice "odds and ends" too! ;)

      See you over on the forum - its the third tree on the left. The one with the crows circling above...