Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

Hello one and all, and apologies firstly for my long absence - as you might have guessed, I made the cut for the Lead Painters League over on the LAF and between that and the vagaries of real life haven't had much time for blogging.

Anyhow I've been moved to hit the keyboard again by an act of huge generosity and kindness from a fellow lead head which I had to share here.

Now bear with me, but I've held the good folk of Sweden in some high esteem for some time now - and no, not for the reasons you're thinking...

In particular I have fond memories of a great long weekend in a snowy Gothenberg, celebrating my wife's birthday (BC - before kids - and dogs for that matter!). Kids and dogs permitting, I'd love to go back and see more of the country.

Getting slowly to the point - in hobby terms, trading relationships have always been good - thanks in particular to Phreedh (who many of you will know from his excellent blog) for the many and various trades of minis, good natured ribbing and other communications over the years.

However, this month has been a good one, especially as finances are tight, in terms of trades and acquisitions and peculiar in that it has all come from this fair Nordic land!

Firstly thanks to Jimi Johanson for this brace of Carrion in return for a part exchange of a Kremlo Norseman I had spare and good old paypal.

However, hats off to Mattias who contacted me out of the blue with the incredibly kind offer of a Snotling Pump Wagon he had spare. Not only that but he insisted on paying postage and threw in "some other Citadel oldies" as well.

Imagine my surprise when this little lot landed on my doorstep!

 Such acts of generosity should not go unacknowledged so along with my heartfelt thanks I'll have to put these minis to good use. Obviously I'll have to get dungeoneering in earnest, now I have such a fine set of adventurers and I'm sure some of those LOTR Orcs will come in handy! Watch this space too as I hope to include the Pump Wagon in one of my LPL entries by way of thanks...

While I'm on the topic of the kindness of strangers - and this hobby seems to abound with examples - I thought I'd best mention the continuing GoblinAid campaign to help out Kev Adams after the awful attack he suffered a while back.

Check out the Facebook page as I believe they are waiting for the last few Goblin minis to arrive from across the globe before sending the lot off to be cast up. There are certainly many tasty little Gobbo's in there which would be desirable even without the knowledge that all proceeds are going to aid the Goblinmaster's recovery.

Kudos to Foundry too, who have entered the fray with an old Kev Adams self portrait and 5 random Snorklings for a tenner with all proceeds going to Kev. Mine's in the post!


  1. I always liked Sweden because of the chef off the Muppets. Great post. Skaven coming along, ready soon!

  2. "Yur puurt thuur chiir-ken airn der bewl"

    Definitely my favourite Muppet!

    Good news on the Skaven - Best researching effective means of pest control...