Sunday, 28 April 2013

Meet the Stoutbacks

While we're on matters of a Nordic nature - Fresh from the field of battle that is the Lead Painter's League over on the LAF are the Stoutbacks. Unfortunately these noble Norse warriors didn't win against the rather fine Norman knights (well done Rob should you be reading this!) they were pitted against but no matter - I have the full set and they are painted!

The team I entered for the LPL include a couple of none Kremlo scenario models -

Standard Bearer - don't know the manufacturer as I picked him up second hand but he's a preslotta

As the the scenario invloves a Norse tribe who has, by a curious trick of fate, ended up with a Slann as their Chieftain I went with a frog design for the banner and many of the shields. My colour choice was largely inspired by Kremlo's Bluespinespick heritage.

The other none scenario model is this musician from the later slotta range of Norsemen from Citadel - the first round of the LPL was a bonus round with extra points for going with the command group theme, so I thought it best to include a srtandard and horn blower in case it wasn't clear who they were to any heathens unfamiliar with old Games Workshop scenarios!

More blue frogs!

So on to the Stoutbacks.

First up are the two younger sons of Harold Stoutback - the former Chieftain of the tribe, who's death on a hunting trip and curious affection for the orphaned Kremlo plunges the brothers into the strange and not entirely welcome position of losing their inheritance to a frog!

Ben - the older of the two.

And Sven

There's not much info on the rest of the gang who set sail to take their revenge on Zapotec. Nice little set of minis though!

This is the mini that held me up on this little project - I wanted to paint them all up together but he proved rather elusive on ebay for a good year or so!

This chap is an odd looking fellow - not sure I've painted him right with his short trousers!

Anyhow, now that I've scratched that little itch and got the set completed I couldn't resist recreating the original catalogue pics.

As for fitting them into the Magnificent Sven project - here's a link to the scenario I came up with which should see them bolstering Sven's ranks or becoming lobotomised slaves for the Slann!

What do you think sirs?


  1. Beautiful, Thantsants!!! Those wonderful group shots have me drooling...and the Slann!!!! Very, very nice!

    1. Thanks Private - your drool is much appreciated!

  2. Agreed! these are great...Love your painting on this set and they make me wish I had copies as well!

    1. Cheers Blue - just obsessively trawl ebay for a few years and you'll have a set in no time!

  3. Well, Mr T - you've outdone yourself this time. I don't mean the painting (which is beautifully done and beautifully staged) - but to be able to show each figure exactly as presented in the catalogue? Street Cred +10!

    1. I think Gaj I have to finally admit that I am a collector through and through as this little achievement has made me far too happy! ;)

  4. Cheers Steve - thought it was quite fitting considering the new Chief!

  5. Very impressive to see the Norse from the Kremlo Scenario, and nicely painted.
    I love the details on the shields, especally the raven. The frogs are a nice characterful idea too.
    Looking at these and the Slann on your blog is making me consider going back and tinkering with shield designs and banners for my own Slann.
    Still inspired by the Cold Ones :)

  6. Cheers Lee - that raven is actually modelled on to the shield so I can't claim freehand on that!

    I've got a unit of around 20 or so Spawn Band Slann to paint up at some point - will have to think of some visual pun or link to their background story for their shield designs...

    Looking forward to seeing your take on the Cold ones.