Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Blockbuster

Ok, so bit of an attempt at a multimedia extravagansa today to relaunch (finish off!) my Orc's Drift project...

What with the Oldammer frenzy, the LPL, Magnificent Sven rebooted and life in general, the last instalment of this great project has been sadly neglected.

All that is about to change...

This is partly what was hindering me - I think they're fairly self explanatory.

So to remedy matters this is the annoying over-hyped trailer to get you all back in the zone - its been a while I know!

So sit back, press the play button and picture the scene...

A peaceful vale nestled between rugged, yet beautiful mountain ranges (fade to black)

Animals graze contently in pleasantly bucolic surroundings (fade to black)

They came to build a bridge... (fade to black)

... but little did they know...

...they would end up fighting for Orc's Drift,

their lives,

and the whole of Ramalia itself!

This summer

Coming to a blog near you

The last thrilling instalment of

Bloodbath at Orc's Drift


  1. Excellent, looking forward to it

  2. Magnificent. I'll get the popcorn.

  3. Nice, I loved the other installments!

  4. Nice, esp with the soundtrack :)

  5. Cheers one and all - hope to have Turn 1 done this evening...

    Not sure the soundtrack was epic enough though.

  6. Replies
    1. Loving it too!

      If you really feel the music is too epic try this one:

    2. Or should read not epic enough...

    3. D'oh - should have thought of that one myself!

      A great tune that will certainly give me a sense of purpose in my chores as I hum along to it for the rest of the day. ;)

      Might have to add the link for it so you can listen to it on heavy rotation whilst reading the imminent dispatches from Orc's Drift!

  7. Thats a mighty fine pile of unpainted lead you've got there! seriously - your not going to paint all that... so why not give it to me instead???


  8. Why thankyou Justin - I might say the same of your surfeit of Elven cavalry and chariots! ;)

    What you're actually looking at there is what will keep me busy in my early (yeah right!)retirement.

    And yes I am only in my early thirties...