Friday, 20 May 2011

At one hundred yards! Volley fire, present! Aim! Fire!

So first of all - apologies for the lack of activity on here for a while - got myself involved in the gruelling, ten week long, painting marathon that is the Lead Painters League on the Lead Adventure Forum and that has, unsurprisingly, eaten most of my time up for the past couple of months!

Managed to post the odd entry here when it had finished competing but lack of time soon began to take its toll so the posts petered out!

Anyway I did manage to get one Orc's Drift related entry in - Brommedir's Bows. At the time I didn't manage to finish Brommedir (the scenario mini replaces the old Jes Goodwin general I was using previously) and his standard bearer, so now they're done I thought I'd get moving with this blog again...

Just got another seven of the old plastic Citadel Regiments box set archers to do to finish this unit off and that'll be another faction completed - just leaving me with the rest of the Wood Elves of Kachass Pass and thirty odd orcs for the Vile Rune tribe to do to finish the minis side of the project.

Then its just a bit of scenery, a few mountains for the table edges (possibly!) and the horses and carts for Ferndale to evacuate his patients in and I'm done... !

Brommedir and his standard bearer - 


  1. Shoot!

    You shoot bows. Or loose.

    'Fire' didn't come into play until, well, firearms.

  2. Haha - Yep I knew that - the title is actually a quote from the film Zulu - a little obscure I realise if you're not familiar with the old Warhammer scenario, Orc's Drift!

    Orc's Drift - Rourkes Drift
    Brommedir - Lt Bromhead

    I've also tried to echo the British uniforms of the time in the colour scheme I've used for the Elves in (another obscure!) nod to the inspiration behind the scenario!

  3. Lovely looking models.

    I can't believe how well your cardboard models have stood the test of time. I built up all the models from the Orc's Drift set, when the set came out and they lasted a couple of years at most, although some rough handling by persons unnamed wouldn't have helped I guess

  4. I'm down one chimney on the Slann in Space so far!

    Otherwise they're not faring badly...

    Mind you I'd love some real buildings with removable rooves - especially so I could replay the invasion of the hospital a la Zulu!