Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Erm boss - not sure this egg hunt was such a....

Another old LPL entry folks - unfortunately these chaps got a good pasting in the voting stakes, up as they were against some rather fine looking and beautifully painted and converted Tintin minis from Mancha - hats off to you sir!

I went for a somewhat tongue-in-cheek Easter theme as it was about that time when I entered them - seems like years ago now!

Thanks to Dolmot again for the excellent gobbo's he furnished me with - Two of the Goblins by the Griffin nest are in fact crewmen from the old Machinerie of Destruction, Skull Crusher - the chap with his hands on his head is a Leadbelcher Crewman.

I painted the loaders stone up as an egg (may paint it back as a stone one day when I get round to procuring Skull Crusher itself...) and filled the nest with some of the Wife's baking beads painted up to look like more eggs - Cheers Love! The other Gobbo's and the Griffin are of course more of Citadel's finest from the 80's.

My daylight bulb went a while back - overuse I think during the 10 week LPL! Forgot I'd taken the above close-ups while it was working so took some more with regular bulbs - hence the change in light quality -thought I'd include them anyway.

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